Your best year ever is a great book for successful goal setting

Michael Hyatt’s book, “Your best year ever: a 5-step plan to achieving your most important goals” is a book that anyone can use to begin setting goals that they will have a good chance of succeeding.

This book appeared to be based upon either a successful seminar or workshop Hyatt has led that shares the title with this book.

In this book, I imagine that Hyatt’s writing takes you through his presentation of Your best year ever.  Hyatt starts off by demystifying all the reasons why and when people set goals and explains the reasons why they fail reaching more often than achieving their goals.

Hyatt sets the tone that excuses are not acceptable.  Hyatt then gives you the formula for success and it starts with taking the time to properly set your goals in life.

According to Hyatt, and I agree with him on this point, goal setting starts by the goal setter getting to know him or herself passions in life.

As Hyatt takes the reader through the 5 steps, he intermixes his own stories of how he developed each step.  How it works and worked for him. How it has helped alums from his seminars to achieve the success they dreamed of.

The book includes worksheets and activities that will help you, the reader, work through the 5 steps and start mapping out your path to success.

Hyatt does encourage the reader (again, I agree with this concept) that a goal setter should set his or her goals just outside of their comfort zone in a area called the discomfort zone,  He cautions readers to avoid setting goals in what he calls the delusional zone.  I never heard it put that way, but I totally agree that when a person sets a goal it should be a challenge to reach but not impossible.

Although I believe that this book was written for highly successful entrepreneurs in mind, I believe that anyone, at any level of success in his or her life – even those who are just starting out or want to overcome any challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation or setback can benefit from the lesson this book teaches about properly setting life goals.