You can do it!

If you are serious about achieving success in your life, you must make “I can do it” your personal mantra.

What do you want to achieve or accomplish in life?

Everyone has something they want to accomplish or achive in life.  For a teenager, it might be to ask their love interest out for a date (or to be asked out by their love interest) or get a car or even get their first job.  For others, it might be to graduate from college, get hired for their dream job, start their own business or non-profit – the list goes on.

The world may want to hold you back…

You know what you want to achieve or accomplish in life.  You are all pumped to go all in for it.  You are riding high on your dream and you decide it is time to alert the world of your goal.  Your mojo is going until somebody, possibly a well-meaning friend, lets the air out of your balloon by saying “you know how much work is involved in your accomplishing your goal?”

Of course, you know how much work is involved in achieving or accomplishing your goals.  You are smart and you did your homework.  But doubt may be entering your mind now because of the doubting Thomas who just threw a wet blanket on your dreams.

Maybe that doubting Thomas did point out a realistic obstacle that you never considered when you first declared your goal to yourself.  You may take some time to regroup and develop a plan to deal with that obstacle, when you return your resolve is stronger than ever that you can succeed until you meet a naysayer.

The truth is that the world is full of naysayers who will tell you that you can’t do it:

You can’t swing a dead cat (sorry cat lovers) without hitting a naysayer.

Naysayers are people who will gladly tell you 2 things: that you can not do what you want to do and why.

They are easy to spot because they say things like:

  • That will never happen in your lifetime
  • Nobody is going to let you do that.
  • You are not smart or talented enough to accomplish that

Many naysayers have agenda of their own they do not want you to know about.  Their agenda is to squash your dreams, hold you back or destroy your hope.   The reason they want to stand between you are our dreams may vary, but most focus around that they are either jealous of you, envy you or are threated by your ability to achieve things that they can only dream about doing.

Nearly every person who tells you that you cannot do something is wrong!

I was born with cataracts in both of my eyes.  My vision is 20/200 in my left eye and 20/300 in my right eye.  I have never been able to read out of my right eve.  I have almost no depth perception and I do not see in 3-D.  When I was a teenager, if I told anyone I was going to drive car or fly a plane they would probably have laughed at me and said, “you can’t do that”.  I did.

At the age that most of my peers were being given driving lessons by their fathers, my dad took me in his new 1980 Thunderbird to Sunset Park in St, Louis and gave me a driving lesson.

When I was in middle school, I visited my Uncle Ben who had a private plane.  During a flight he let me take the controls for several minutes and fly the plane.

I believe that the phrase “can’t” should be outlawed as it is rarely a truthful statement. 

The word “can’t” implies that you do not have the ability to do something, more often than not YOU do have the ability to do what others say you cannot do.

If someone walks up to you and says “You can not park there” as they point to your car in a parking spot, you know they are wrong.   Obviously you did park you car there. What they should have said is that you are not allowed to park there.

The next time someone tells you that you can’t do something, know that you can do it.  Get out your can-do spirit and attitude then show them they are wrong (unless the person says you can’t do something based on a law or is said by a law enforcement officer, judge or anyone else with authority.)