Are you a writer?

We are currently accepting pitches for articles that can be posted to the #DefineYourself blog.

We don’t care if you have written several books, have hundreds of clips, run your own blog or a first time writer – all we do care about is that you are passionate about writing compelling articles that to help, inspire and motivate our readers to believe that they can overcome any it in their life.  (An it is any challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations and/or setbacks) and succeed.

We are looking for articles for the following blog categories:

  • Motivational Mondays – Articles/blog posts that provide “life hacks” that can help the reader overcome any challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations, and/or setbacks that stand between them and success.
  • Reviews
    • A review of a book, TV show or movie (current preferred but will consider a book from the past) that inspires others to overcome and succeed in life (there are usually stories, prefer to be true stories, of people who have overcome and succeed despite any obstacle.)
    • A review of a self-improvement book that can help others succeed in life.
  • Inspirational Stories – a story of someone, including yourself, who has faced (or is facing) a challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation, and/or a setback and has found success or is working towards success despite the odds.
  • The Toolbox – A review of a web site or organization that offers services that can assist readers in their search to succeed in life. (Normally, these should be done as an interview/news story rather than a review)

Motivational Monday should be generic enough that it can be helpful to most readers.

We are open to a wide range of topics for reviews, inspirational stories, and the toolbox categories and can be written for one particular issue.

Topics can be about any physical disability, mental disability, learning disability, or any personal struggle or setback in life including divorcee, grief, victim of crime, rape, ex-cons starting over, etc.

A good article should be written in a conversational tone, as if you are talking to the reader directly at a presentation or one on one at a coffee shop.

If the article is an inspirational story about yourself, be real.

Most importantly, your writing should make a personal connection with the reader.

There are several elements that are not welcomed in any article posted to the #DefineYourself blog.  They include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • We are NOT a political forum. Please, no politics!
  • NEVER talk down to the reader or put anyone down for any challenges, obstacles, adversities, limitations, and/or setbacks in life.
  • Excessive negative thoughts.
  • Excessive use of labels.
  • Painting yourself or others as only helpless victims of any situation.
  • Hate speech of any kind (except when it is a necessary part of the article)
  • Profanity (except when it is a necessary part of the article and should never be part of an article just for “shock value”.)
  • Explicit sexual description or content
  • Sexual subjects, such as rape, should be tastefully approached as I try to keep the #DefineYourself blog family friendly.

We believe the best writers for the #DefineYourself blog are those who have walked the walk of many of our readers – specifically, writers who are facing their own its and are overcoming them or have overcame them to succeed in life.

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