“What we see with our eyes are the things that will have the best chance of happening in our lives.

A vision board is a great way to keep your goals in front of you.

Creating a vision board is not only a great way to organize your goals and prioritize what is most important to you, it is also a fun activity!

Anyone at any age can create a vision board for any reason.  Some people create vision boards for professional goals, or for academic goals, or for personal goals – or a combination of all three.

A traditional vision board is created with physical materials such as a poster, cork or bulletin board.

A 21st century vision board can be created digitally.  Using Microsoft PowerPoint program, you can create a vision board that you can display on your desktop for your computer, or as a screensaver for your computer/Chromecast to be displayed on our TV’s.

Regardless of which method you choose to create a vision board, be sure to place it somewhere you can see it as you start each day and throughout your day.  Having a vision board you see frequently is the best way to keep your eyes on your goals and improve your chances to #DefineYoruself!