Travel Near & Travel Far: Step Out of Your Disabled World!: Terry Scott Cohen, Barry M. Cohen Ph.D

Travel Near & Travel Far

Written by Terry Scott, a forty-something year old man diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy, a form of muscular dystrophy that has forced him to use a Safari Ranger scooter for mobility, along with his traveling companion and father, Barry M. Cohen Ph.D, a retired psychologist.

Terry, who inherited myotonic dystrophy from his mother and watched her allow the diagnosis to limit her independence, has chosen to travel the world.

Travel Near & Travel Far is collection traveling tips the two have learned as they have travelled the world with Terry’s disability.

In the book Terry gives practical advice on how to choose a traveling companion including be realist about what you can do and what you need help doing as a disabled traveler.

Terry advises that when a disabled traveler hits the road, he or she should always carry a copy of their electric wheelchair or scooters manual along with contact information for the provider that sold the traveler their mobility equipment.

The book addresses one of my biggest fears of traveling, the handling of my mobility equipment.  From the experiences that Terry shared in the book, problems with airlines handling mobility equipment do happen, but not as often as I feared from reading all the horror stories and watching videos on the Internet.  Terry does explain what he and his father did when it happened to them which gives the future disabled traveler tips on how to deal with the airline if it happens to them.

Traveling when disabled can be a scary for the disabled person, but according to Terry, if you have a good traveling companion who does not panic when things go wrong, and you have the attitude that every obstacle is a problem solving opportunity, traveling can be pleasant experience that full of lifelong memories.

I found this book quite informative.  It is full of great traveling tips intermixed with the travel experineces of Terry and his father.  I wish they would have covered how to charge an electric scooter in Europe (it is my understanding there electic system and wall outlets are different from the United States.)

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