There is no need to wait for opportunity to knock on your door

We all have heard the expression; opportunity only knocks once.  This old cliché has caused many people to either jump at every opportunity that presents itself out of fear that they may never be given another opportunity in their lives, or sit around watiing for opportunity to come to them before they take any steps towards success.

Not too long ago, I was approached by an internet radio stations.  They offered me the opportunity to host my own weekly radio program.  I would have a co-host/announcer who would work with me. I could do anything I wanted to on the program.  I could talk about anything I wanted to talk about.  I could have guests of my choosing and in time I could open the phones and take calls from listeners.

For this former radio guy, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Not everyone who dreams of working in radio is offered their own show that they can do with as they wish with little to no radio portfolio.

The truth is that I had not been sitting around my office, surfing the net as we used to say back in the day, waiting for my phone to ring with an opportunity of a lifetime to do what I had always dreamed of doing – working in radio.

For the past several years I have talked about starting my own podcast.  I have spent many hours dreaming about it.  I spent an equal amount of time planning it out in my head how the show would sound when I wasn’t reading everything I could about producing a podcast. 

About a month before I received the offer to host my own radio program, I started to take the actions I needed to launch my podcast this summer.  I secured a domain name,  I increased my Internet speed and I started to piece together the tools I would need for the podcast – I even began remodeling my office for the podcast.

When I did receive the offer to host my own radio program, I was intrigued.  I asked for 24 hours to consider the offer before I decided. 

The next day I dreaded calling the internet radio station and declining their offer.  I feared that when I told them no they might say “you are passing up on the opportunity of a lifetime” until I came up with the perfect response in my head “I do not need to wait for the opportunity to come to me, I am making my own opportunities every day.” And you should be doing the same.

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