The most important time of the day

There is a period in every person’s day that is more important than any other portion of his/her day.  This period is so important that depending on how you use this time each day, it can literally determine success and failure in a your life.

We all strive to make every minute count.

In today’s world of time is money, we all believe that every minute is important.  We also know that once a minute has passed, we will never get that time back.

We pour everything into every waking minute, fearing that if we waste a single second, we will have dire consequences.

For most, our obsession of being successful starts the moment we awake with a routine.

For most, we start our mornings with our cell phones.

According to a 2015 survey by Verizon Wireless, cell phone users reach for their phone in the morning. In fact, 77 percent turn to their phone first thing in the morning, and 52 percent check it before they even get out of bed.

Many of us justify our morning addiction to technology by claiming our first look at email and messages, will help us have a more productive day and achieve happiness in our lives.

After battling with the kids who don’t want to get up to go to school, we rush through breakfast – if we even eat breakfast before jumping into our cars.

Once in our cars, we battle rush hour traffic on our way to work.  We will honk our horns out of frustration, flip the bird to the guy who cuts us off on the freeway, curse the school bus that has it’s red lights flashing, and traveling in the opposite direction, holding you up as the kids get on the bus without crossing in front of you.  We shake our fists in anger or pound them on our steering wheel, when a train blocks an intersection for 15 minutes, while listening to morning radio that is more commercials than anything else.

Then we race through a Starbucks for an overpriced cup of coffee served by a young person with pimples who looks down on you because you did not challenge him enough with your order.

After all of that, when we make it to work, we are stressed out, frustrated, aggravated, and in some cases, looking for a fight to blow off some steam.  This level of stress, we tell ourselves that it makes us more competitive and it will help us land that deal that will propel us to our success.  That is a great plan until you go on a verbal rampage at a co-worker, or even worse a client, over trivial matter turning your dreams of success into hoping you are still employed at the end of the day.

You could avoid that disaster if you would have used the most important part of your day, the start of you day, to prepare you for success.

The first 15 or so minutes are the most important part of your entire day!

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning (make sure it is an actual alarm clock that plays uplifting music and not anything depressing like the news) skip the temptation of grabbing your phone and scrolling through messages.  Instead, the first thing you should do when you awake is to spend time in prayer.  In a previous post entitled 7 benefits of starting your day with prayer I not only advocate why you should start your day in prayer, but how it benefits me and can benefit you.

While you are in the bathroom, start giving yourself some positive affirmations.  “I am going to have a good day”, “I will be successful” or “I am going to land that account today.”

Instead of arguing with the kids, give them the responsibility (if they are old enough) to get themselves up and dressed for school.  It is a life skill they will need when they become adults.  Also, give them consequences if they miss the bus – similar to the consequences you would endure if you were late to work.

Make time for a good healthy breakfast.  Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It is the fuel you will need to make it through the day, so don’t skip it.

While you are in the kitchen, there is a way to make your own cup of coffee at home.  It will save you money and will give you valuable time to travel to work.

On the way to work listen to positive music or a good podcast and be sure to leave with an extra 15 minutes to get to work, so you are not late if the train holds you up.

Finally, when you arrive at work early, you will be refreshed.  You won’t be rushed, and you can now scroll through the messages on your phone.

When you start your day in prayer and surround yourself with positive music and words, you are going to be in a mindset of confidence and relaxation.  When you are confident and relaxed, you can accomplish more with less stress and can be more successful.