Take the Your Word of the Year challenge

If you have already failed in keeping your new years resolutions, give the #Yourwordoftheyear a try!

Finding your word of the year

For the past few weeks, as I scrolled through my endless feeds on Facebook, I was seeing a few posts that included the hashtag #YourWorldoftheYear.  Some people have chosen words like “artistic”, “creative”, “fearless” or “adventurous”.

The more I saw the hashtag, #yourwordoftheyear the more I wanted to know how these people arrived at their word.

At first, I thought it was one of those little games that pop up on social media platforms like Facebook.  I am leary of those kind of online gimmicks that run so ramped on social media.  I have been cautioned that some will use what they collect to spam you, or worse – try to steal your identity.  Then of course the fun games that look so innocent that were not. Remember the Be like Bill meme?  Do you remember this story – Warning: ‘Be Like Bill’ meme could pose serious security risk

I was cautious at first.  I didn’t click on any link from Facebook to anything connected to #yourwordoftheyear posts.  I googled it and trusted my Webroot security software would keep me safe.

I found the origin of the #yourwordoftheyear hashtag.  It was a web sties called yourwordoftheyear.com.   With a green light from Webroot, I entered the site with great anticipation.

I was quite impressed with the web site.   It is very professionally designed by the creator of the #yourwordoftheyear project, Christine Kane

There is not a form to fill out online to generate your word of the year, nor is it a random word assigned to you.  There is a link on the web site https://yourwordoftheyear.com/ to get the your word of the year tool.

The tool is a free eBook in PDF format.  You will need to provide your email address to get an email with the link. 

Finding my word of the year

The eBook is 39 pages in length, the first 24 are the actual workbook to help you chose your word of the year, and the last 15 are testimonials from people who have used “your word of the year” in the past.

I strongly recommend reading the book, at least the first 24 pages, and not just skipping to the worksheets.  The material that surrounds the worksheets gives great advice on how to benefit the most.  Kane explains the pitfalls to avoid and why you need to put serous thought into the answer you write on your worksheets.

Working in an as distraction free environment my office has to offer, I took my time, carefully read all the information and directions, and carefully considered each answer to the questions on the worksheets.

I took no shortcuts.  Even when the worksheet asked me for 10 things I wanted to accomplish in the coming year, I made myself come up with ten.

I spent a total of about 45 minutes carefully working through the workbook.  At the end I choose the word “GROWTH” as my word for the year.

Your word of the year is to encompass all your hopes, dreams and goals for the year.  In my case my word “GROWTH” encompasses my desire to see my inspirational and multinational writing, speaking and podcasting business grow.  It encompasses my dream of followers, likers and subscribers on social media to grow.  It also encompasses the movement I want to see in my personal and spiritual life towards being a better person.

When I see, hear or think about the word “GROWTH” I also know the actions I must take, and the obstacles I need to overcome, to archive what I have set out to accomplish this year.

Kane recommends that once you chose your word for the year, you should post it in a highly visible place, so you see it.  She recommends that you place it so it is one of the first things you see each day.  She also recommends you placing it on your vision board as well as sharing your word of the day on both social media and with friends who can encourage you to achieve everything that your word of the year represents.