Stop preparing, start doing!

The other day I was watching one of my favorite 80/s movies, Spaceballs.  When Dark Helmet’s men began to prepare to search the desert for Lonestar and his group, Dark Helmet exclaimed

You are always preparing, just go”

When I heard those words from Dark Helmet, I realized there are many people who get stuck in preparing for success and never get started on the journey.

Back in the summer of 2004 my father and nephew were moving from northern California to southwest Missouri.  This move was decided upon in late winter or early spring of that year, many months before the actual moving date of early August.

During the months that lead up to the move, my father’s pickup, that he was going to drive across country, was totaled.  He did purchase a replacement pickup with plenty of time before the journey along with a trailer to attach to haul his and my nephews’ belongings to their new home.

For what seemed like months my father spent countless hours organizing boxes, labeling each box and then creating a spreadsheet/blueprint to design exactly where each box should go inside the trailer.    He would load items into the trailer, but when the boxes and other assorted items did not fit according to his blueprint, he would go back to the drawing board.  He would redesign his spreadsheets and blueprints, reload boxes, and then go out and try again. 

When the moving date was less than 2 weeks away, my mother took a week off from work to help my father prepare for the move.  That week little was done (or at last appeared to be done by the naked eye) except boxes were relabeled, and new blueprints were printed.  At the end of the week nothing was much different than it was at the start of the week.  Mom, frustrated, returned to work with my father far behind in preparing for the move.

The moving day was pushed back a day, then another, then there was no choice.  My father had to get going to get my nephew back to Missouri and registered for school before the first day of classes.

My father was supposed to leave early in the morning, but at 11 am his trailer and pick up were still parked outside the house.  When I arrived on my scooter to check on my Dad and nudge him on his way, he and my young nephew were trying to connect the trailer to the back of the pickup.  I jumped in and helped before telling them they got to get going and waved goodbye as my father finally drove off.

My father made it to their new home at the last minute to register my nephew for his new school. 

Sadly, I must admit it appears that I inherited some of “getting stuck preparing” from my father.

Like most people, throughout my life I have dreamed about success.  I have had dreams of being a successful morning radio show host, operating a successful computer consulting business and a successful career as a writer, speaker and podcaster – just to name a few of my dreams.

I have spent more hours than I care to admit to (or even count) laying in my bed, sitting in my recliner, or relaxing on the front porch envisioning what my life will be like when I achieve success.

I have dreamed about what I would do as a successful deejay, computer consultant and as a successful writer, speaker and podcaster.  I have turned those dreams into goals as I had made endless plans to what I need to do to achieve success –sadly, I never got past the planning phase for a career in radio or as a computer consultant.

That changed for my goals of becoming an inspirational and motivational writer, speaker and podcaster all because of a quote I heard.

Note, I am paraphrasing here, but the quote goes something like this “A crop only sown in your mind will never produce a fruitful harvest.”

When I read that quote it spoke to me and I believe it should speak to you as well.  For me it means if all I do is dream and plan, then my success will only be in my mind.  If I seek real success that can be seen by, and shared with, others then I need to take those plans in my mind and make them into actions in the real world.

Since the beginning of 2019 I have continued to plan what steps I need to achieve my goals and the success I dream about, but this year I am also taking the steps needed to turn the plans into action.  Today I can report that I am starting to see real success because of the hard work I am doing instead of sitting and just dreaming my life away.