I’m a public speaker that inspires and motivates YOU to succeed despite any obstacle or limitation!

Regardless of the size, age or demographics of a crowd, every speech I deliver is jam packed with three awesome ingredients:

Inspirational stories.  I draw upon my own personal experiences along with the experiences of others to illustrate to the audience that regardless of their adversity or obstacle, they can find their power 2b awesome and achieve any goal they set for themselves.

Motivational messages.  Sometimes subtly hidden in the presentation while other times it is as clear as the nose on your face, every speech I give I make sure the audience leaves with a message of motivation and hope that they can achieve their dreams.

Audience engagement throughout the speech.  Using an appropriate mixture of visual aids (PowerPoint slides, videos, and actual props) I always aim to keep the audience fully engaged by mixing in plenty of humor – some of it is at my own person expense.