Self-confidence is the key to success

There is more to being successful than just working hard, we must have the confidence in ourselves that we will succeed.

How do we gain confidence in life?

For most, the encouragement that is given to us by our parents, family, teachers, coaches, peers, role models – the list goes on is our first experience with praise.  Without us realizing it, those words of encouragement and praise becomes confidence.  The people who spoke those words were the first who believed in you and showed confidence in your talents or abilities.

When the encouragement and praise begin to fade…

You have probably heard that nothing in life last forever except for death and taxes.  That is true for praise and encouragement from others.  As we age, the words we hear may start to sound less like praise and encouragement and more like criticism and disapproval.

Unfortunately, some of us allow that criticism and disapproval to get into our heads.  When we do that, we begin to believe the negative words of others.  For some people negative thoughts are stronger than any other thoughts in our minds.

Why you can’t always rely on others for your confidence/

As you can see, if you allow your personal level of self-confidence to be determined by the words of others, your self-confidence will be high during the good times, and very low during the bad times.  The problem with this is that you are allowing others to control not only how you view yourself, but you are also allowing them to determine your future.

NEVER, I repeat, NEVER give anyone the ability to totally influence your destiny in life by allowing them control to your self-confidence.

I speak from personal experience.

For many years I allowed the criticism from others to influence my self-confidence.  I allowed phrases like “you are a bad kid”, “I am so ashamed of you” and “you are a disappointment” get into my head and tear down my self-confidence.

Once I started to tune out the negative feedback I was receiving, I started to see a positive change in me, and that turned into an increase in my own self-confidence in my abilities.

Your success in life should be in your hands only!

When you can find reasons within yourself to fuel and increase your self-confidence, your potential for success in life becomes unmeasurable (in a good way).

Don’t ignore the positive feedback others will give you throughout life, just be sure that is not the primary fuel for your self-confidence.

When you are in control of your own self-confidence, then regardless of your definition of success is owning your own business, being known for your charity work, graduating from high school or college, earning honor roll grades, marrying your dream girl or guy, having children, owning stock, or just being able to live on your own despite a disability, the odds of achieving success will be greater than you can imagine.