Recognized in Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges

My name and short bio was included in the 1987-88 edition of annual printing of Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges.  I received that award for my work as the president of the Able-Disabled Association and my work in the college’s student council.

I never really felt that I had either earned or deserved to be listed in the book. 

The school year that I was published in their book was not my best year academically.  It was another year of me struggling in college.  Struggles that were primarily caused by my ADHD.  Struggles that lead to me fighting to try to get off of academic probation while simultaneously not being suspended for a year due to poor grades.

For those reasons and the fact that when I filed out the information sheet my handwriting was so sloppy that they misprinted my parents’ names, I did not, and to this day I still do not, talk much about the award nor do I make a big deal out of it.

Instead, when I received the honor for my work as a club president and being active in the student government, I tried to use it to inspire me to become a better student and earn better grades.

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