My success on eBay, despite a stroke, is shared in a special Entrepreneur magazine

My success on eBay, despite a stroke, is shared in the “be an eBay Success” by Entrepreneur magazine, in the back page story, “Wheeling and Dealing”, a well written piece by April Y. Pennington of how I used eBay, while recovering from an ischemic stroke to the spinal cord, to feel as if I was still a productive member of our society.

In the article Pennington shares my story of how in the fall of 2002, after surviving my stroke, took my hobby of the previous 18 months, and turned it into a startup business on eBay.

Pennington reported how focusing in on sourcing and selling sports memorabilia helped me feel as I still had something to offer to society.  She also wrote about how I took the passion of eBay that was growing inside and began to help others succeed on the site by earning my eBay education specialist certification and teaching a hands on eBay classes for Modesto junior College’s community education department.

The short one-page story illustrates how I refused to allow any disability or limitation limit my potential.

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