eBay Radio appearance

Live!  From San Jose California I shared my inspirational story of surviving a stroke and how I used eBay to build a business of selling and helping others,

I was interviewed by Lee Mirabal live from the floor of the eBay exhibition hall. during the second segment Thursday morning.

Mirabal’s interview of me was streamed live over the Internet by WSRadio

“For me, a disabled person, selling on eBay helps me feel as if I am still a productive and valuable member of our society.” 

Mirabal, asked me how my stroke occurred and how I learned that I had survived a stroke.

As the interview progressed Mirabal and myself discussed how I uses eBay’s level playing field to my advantage as a disabled person who doesn’t want to live the rest of my life on disability pay,

I explained that my wish was to contribute to society, help others learn how to succeed on eBay and be a productive member of society.

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