Chris’ success on eBay, despite a stroke, is shared in college textbook

My story of running an eBay business out of my one bedroom apartment after surviving a stroke is the lead into the ninth chapter (the location plan) of the 14th edition of the textbook, “Small Business Management; Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Venture” by Longnecker, Moore, Petty and Palich features

The short story illustrates to the reader that nothing – not even a disability – can keep down a person’s entrepreneurial drive.

My story shares with the reader how. from a wheelchair, I grew an eBay business, became a trader assistant, earned an eBay education specialist certification which I used to consult about eBay on the side and teach eBay courses.

The story also shares how I was able to take care of practically all aspects of my business by myself while living in California.

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