BOOK RELEASE: The Cheeseball Clann” Who’s Your Bully

Today, Chris Mitchell, releases his first self-published book, “The Cheeseball Clann” Who’s Your Bully?” via Kindle.

The Cheeseball Clann is a group of three kids who have been friends as long as they can remember.  The trio: Lizzy, T.C. and the Brain, start a new school year at Lyons Middle School.

Lizzy’s hopes of making new friends quickly turns into fears of being bullied.  As the bullying get worse for Lizzy and her friends, the trio must find out who is behind the bullying before it destroys their friendship.

Although this book does focus on middle school aged children and the serious problem of bullying, Mitchell feels that this book would be a good read for people of all ages.

Mitchell’s book, “The Cheeseball Clann” Who’s Your Bully?” is available on Amazon.

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