My resolutions and goals for 2020

Another year has come and gone, and it is almost time to celebrate the turning of the calendar as we not only enter a new year, but we are about to enter a new decade – the third decade of the 21st century. 

Before I toast in the new year with a champagne glass full of Pepsi while kissing my wife at midnight, I pause to reflect on my goals for 2019.

Goals that I met in 2019

Sadly, I did not reach any of my goals in 2019, but it was not because of lack of trying – but I did come close on some of my goals.

Goals that I almost met in 2019

I had set a goal in 2019 to publicly speak six times outside of Toastmasters meetings.  I came in at four this year.  Not too bad, but next year I hope to do better.

Goals that I missed in 2019

I wanted to complete three more levels in my motivational strategies path in Toastmasters this year.  Sadly, I did not complete any levels this year. 

I did not write and submit to as many places as I had hoped for in 2019, nor did I earn entrance to the Missouri Writers Guild. 

I also fell short on my social media goals.

However, if I am breathing, I still have time to reach those goals and more!

My 2020 goals

I have several goals for the start of the new year/new decade:

  • To post 50 blog posts to this site.
  • To complete writing my next book
  • To read and review more than 60 books in the coming year
  • To enter good quality writing to at least six writing contest this year.
  • To pitch articles to at least four (if not more) magazines
  • To be published either in Success magazine or their web site.
  • To guest blog at least three times this year
  • To attend and/or have an booth at least four conferences and/or book signing events.
  • To speak publicly, outside of Toastmasters, at least five times this year.

My biggest goal for 2020 is to launch #DefineYourself web site (  I plan to make this my legacy in life since I do not have any kids.  This is going to be a labor of love and my contribution to make this world a better place. 

Through my new business venture, my goals are:

  • Post up to 100 articles to the site
  • Start a podcast.

As you can see, I have some ambitious goals for the coming year.  I believe the best way I can ensure the best results in reaching, if not exceeding, all these goals is to resolve the following:

  • Be in my office between 7:30 and 8 am every weekday ready to work
  • Work a full 8 hour or more day in my office.
  • In the evenings read books and expand my knowledge
  • Seek out opportunities to promote myself and my new business.
  • Become more effective at networking both online and in person.
  • Take more calculated risks
  • Do not to anything that will sideline me for three months like the great fall I had this year.

Hooray for 2020.  When I hear 2020, I think of vision and as far as I am concerned 2020 theme song should be by Timbuk 3 “Future so bright.” That is what I think all our future is for the coming year. If we set goals and create resolutions that will help us achieve our goals.