My Goals for 2019

As a new year approaches, and many people are writing resolutions that they want to attack on 1 January, I am sharing my list of what I hope to accomplish in 2019

The new year brings a fresh start

What does the start of a new school semester, a baseball season and a new year have in common?  They all are clean slates waiting for each one of us to let go of the past, to have a fresh start, and to achieve our dreams. 

As I do most years, I am taking this chance both to “start over” in a sense and continue building onto what I have accomplished in the past.

My writing goals

In 2018 I had seen some success as a writer.  I placed second in the Joplin Writer’s Guild romance writing contest in February.  In a writing contest for the Springfield Writers Guild, my submission was part of a tie breaker vote (I did not win but I was honored that it made it that far).

I also had a piece entitled “Life with Wolfner” published in the Wolfner Library newsletter and on their web site.

I still have a few pieces that I have submitted to contests and to Chicken Soup for the Soul that I am still waiting to hear back about.

In the coming year I want to continue to submit to contests, , and expand to submitting articles to magazines and anthologies.  I hope to, by the end of 2019, meet the requirements to become a member of the Missouri Writers guild.

In 2019 I plan to write one or two more books – keep an eye on this website and my social media profiles for details.

My speaking goals

At various points in 2018, I was a member of 3 different Toastmasters clubs.  As the year ends, I am a member of the Greater Joplin Toastmasters.  Next year I, along with my wife, will become charter members of JOMO Toastmasters in Joplin Missouri.

In 2018, I completed my competent communicator manual in the Toastmasters program and started on my first path, Motivational strategies.  In that path, I have completed the first 2 levels.  In 2019, I plan to not only finish the remaining three levels in that path, but to start a second path.  I plan to give an average of 2 speeches a month at Toastmasters meetings.  I am also considering entering the annual Toastmasters speech competition.

I plan to speak at least six different functions outside of Toastmasters.  My first speaking event is already scheduled at the Kimberling area library on February 2nd.

My social media goals

In 2018, my growth of followers on social media sadly did not grow by much.  In 2019, I plan to do more to increase my followers.  I hope that by the end of the year I have over 1000 followers on Twitter and at least 500 on Facebook.

I also want to grow my subscribers to the #DefineYourself Blast.  I am finishing writing a free ebook for current and all new subscribers.  Details to come by the end of January 2019!

The best part of a new year is the unknown

I once heard, “men plan, and God laughs”.  I know that I have realistic goals that do push me a little outside of my comfort zone (I know the only place I will find success is outside of my comfort zone).  I can have the best and more carefully crafted plan to achieve all my goals, but God has the final say.  

Anything can happen in the coming year.  I hope I am ready for it and will embrace it.  Embracing the unknown can be fuel for me to reach my goals and possibly surpass them in ways I never dreamed of doing.

I hope and pray that you have a very blessed 2019!