My Goals for 2018

A new year has begun.  Most people look at the start of the new year as an opportunity to make resolutions and set new goals.  Here are four of my goals for the coming year:

My writing goals.

Back in 2011 I started writing my yet to be published memoir, it Doesn’t’ Define Me.  Although I would love to say that this year I am going to find an agent and get it published, I now understand that because I am not a celebrity (except in my own mind) nor did I survive a tragic event that made news, it is going to be hard to find a publisher who will want my work until I make a name for myself.

That is why this year my goals is to have two professionally published articles that meet the requirements for me to become a member of the Missouri writers guild.

I know this is a big goal as I am braking into the industry this year  so I will be happy if I have one published work by the end of the year – but I am aiming for two.

My self-publishing goals.

I have been working on a book entitled IM Chris Mitchell: 7 stories of Living Beyond LimitationsI want to have this book done by the end of march.  Once it is done I want it to be sold both in eBook format (via Kindle Publishing) and in printed form through Create Space.

My public speaking career.

Last summer, I joined Toastmasters.  Sadly, I have only delivered my ice breaker speech.  This year I want to kick it into gear and not only deliver 9 speeches by the end of the calendar year but have spoken to a few groups.

Launch a podcast

By the end of June, I want to launch a podcast.  At this point I do not know if is just going to be me sharing inspirational and motivational stories (similar to this blog) of if I am going to interview inspiring people.

Start a second web site

I know, this sounds a bit crazy, but I am l planning to launch a second web site this year.  The site will serve two purposes.  The first would be that it will have stories of inspiring people who are overcoming adversities in their lives, news stories of produces and services that can help readers overcome adversity.  The second purpose is more self-serving for myself: it will be a great showcase of my work to impress agents as I pressure a freelance writing career.

If you want to succeed in life, you gotta dream big!

Sure, you could say that my dreams are big and my goals seem tall, but if you do not take risk in life you will never know how far you can go.

Will I make all my goals this year?  All I can tell you is to stay turned and subscribe to the Power 2b Awesome Blast newsletter.