My Foray into Kindle eBook Publishing was easier than I expected.

When I was ready to share with the world my first book I ever completed, “The Cheeseball Clann: Who’s Your Bully?” I didn’t want to get an agent and go through traditional publishing.  I wanted my gradational publishing career to be more inspirational and motivational books for all ages, not middle school books.  So, I decided I would toss it up on Amazon’s Kindle and see how it goes.  Fearing it would be hard to publish it, I dragged my feet for the longest time, but when I finally published, it was easy!

The hardest part of creating an eBook is step one.

Writing the book was the hardest and most time-consuming part of the project.  (Okay, maybe second hardest only to coming with a good book idea and story).  My suggestion if you end goal is to be published on Amazon is to write your manuscript with Microsoft Office.  Trust me, it makes it a lot easier when you want to convert it for publishing.

Getting the manuscript ready for eBook publication:

Of course proofread the hell out of your work,.  Mistakes can run your reputation.  I am not just talking about typos.  I am taking about if you have a piece of fiction that you are double assure that your story can stand up to a continuity test.  Don’t write in chapter one that Aunt Elyse is dead and in chapter five she is now alive. My Foray into Kindle eBook Publishing was easier than I expected (unless you use time travel or a flashback).

When proofing you may want to get a second, third or fourth pair of eyes on your work – it won’t hurt!

I must have read my own work at least a dozen times and it must have good writing in it because each time I read it I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t; stop reading it!

Even though I did proof it until my eyeballs turned green, I still had 9 typos that Kindle found when I uploaded it and they proofed it before I made it live.    (Six was a chronic misspelling of a word.  1 was a actual typo, 1 was a character’s name of Pretz – which is not a word but since it is a name who cares, and one alert on the phrase “smartphone”. It can be argued that smart phone should be either one word or two.  I kept it as one word.)

Go download a free eBook on Amazon Kindle.

I cannot emphasis this enough, go get yourself the eBook “Building Your eBook for Kindle”.  It is a free eBook.  I know that most things you get for free are often worthless, but this book is worth real money in my book.

Get the book!  Read the book!  Follow the step by step directions and you will have your book online within 15 minutes.

A few hard knocks I leaned the hard way.

Although I proofed the heck out of my manuscript. I did not double check the spelling of my book tittle when I submitted it to Amazon.  When I found the mistake I couldn’t change it for several hours.  And when I did, I had to wait overnight for it to update on Amazon.

When you do upload your manuscript to Kindle Direct Publishing, it is not instantly live on the site.  It can take up to 72 hours for it to be reviewed and published.  Fortunately, if you are wanting an official launch date you can schedule it in advance – as long as the date you want is at least three days out from the day you submit your work.

KDP also offers an option to self-publish in print format and makes it easy to gain an ISBN number.  I have not tired that yet, but I might give that a whirl on my next eBook that should be released tomorrow, IM Chris Mitchell: 7 stories of Living Beyond Limitations” a collection of real life stories that illustrate my determination to overcome advertise in my life