My Christmas Wish

Christmas is a time of year that nearly everyone has faith than all their wishes can come true – especially children.  Since I have often been told I am child that has never grown up (actually people say that I still act childish at times, but I prefer my translation). I believe the time is right for me to share my wishes for Christmas – in case you are last minute shopping for me.

If you are reading this on your cell phone as you stand inside your local Wal-Mart hoping for a clue for a gift for me, get out of that store because what I want for Christmas you cannot buy, regardless, if you have a unlimited credit line on your Discover card.

I only have three wishes for Christmas

My first wish is a wish shared by millions around the world, especially during the holiday season.  I wish for peace on Earth and goodwill towards man.

I grew up watching M*A*S*H.  That TV series is very responsible for many of the beliefs and opinions that are the cornerstone of my morals and values.  The most important message I got from M*A*S*H about conflict (war in particular) came from Klinger, played by Jamie Farr, in episode 24 of season 4 entitled “the interview”.  Klinger stated, “War is just killing” and he is right.  Add that onto my mother teaching me the fifth commandment “thou shall not kill” at a young age. And you got someone who deplores war and wants paces all over the world not only at Christmas but every day of the year.

My second wish is for people to stop attacking each other. 

Many people believe that the only way they feel better about themselves and their lot in life is to put other people down.  Often this is done through gossip, judging others for how they live their lives, tearing others down because their faith, politics, sexual orientation, morals. ethnicity, country of origin, or values are different from theirs. 

Then there are some people look down on others because of the reasons I just mentioned or because the other person/group of people are disabled or poor.

I want people to see each other as people just like themselves.  I want to see people embrace other people’s differences as a chance to learn more and become a more well rounded person who is accepting of all in our community, our society and the entire world.

My third wish is for you to let go of your past and embrace your future.

Do not get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas.  It is not all about gift buying and maxing out credit cards.  The real meaning of Christmas, in my opinion, is to celebrate the birth of out Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  Remember the work he did here on earth.  He made it possible for us to be forgiven by his father, our heavenly father, for our sins. 

This Christmas season I wish everyone forgave themselves for any past mistakes or missed opportunities.  I wish that everyone can see that their past is in the past and they should leave it there.  I wish everyone will be excited about a better future than their past.

Most important I wish that you and your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone in your life have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy kwanza and a blessed holiday season.

On a personal note, although I may have never met you, spoken to you, corresponded via email or on a social media website, I am blessed that you took the time to read my blog and visit my site.