Almost a half a million Americans are dialysis patients.  A procedure that drains them both emotionally and financially as they wait for a kidney donor.  Many die before they receive a kidney donation (13 people die daily waiting for a kidney donation –

I want to help these people and I need your help!

Since 2016, the dialysis department of Freeman Health System of Joplin Missouri, has sponsored the annual March O’ the Kidney 1-mile walk.  This event raises funds to help the patients and their families with expenses and/or travel to dialysis, who are undergoing treatment in the local area.

Almost every year since 2016, myself and my wife have walked (she walked, I rode my scooter) in the March o’ the Kidney and helped raise money for this worthwhile cause.

We do it for several reasons:

Both my wife and I do it for my mother-in-law, who was a dialysis patient briefly before her passing in the fall of 2005.

My wife also walks for friends she has known and currently know who receive dialysis treatment while waiting for a kidney transplant.

I participate in this annual walk as when I volunteered at Freeman Hospitals ICU, I have seen more than my fair share of patients who receive a 2 hour dialysis treatment in their room. I had to tell families that they could not enter the unit during the dialysis treatment.  Often the looks on their faces of worry told me all I needed to know about how devastating dialysis is for both the patient and their loved ones.

I have also ridden with dialysis patients who had completed their treatment for the day on various paratransit systems.  The people I have seen are totally exhausted after treatment and do very little as the driver loads them onto the bus in their wheelchairs.

On Saturday, March 14th my wife and I will be leading team #Defineyourselfers at Joplin’s NorthPark mall where we will walk one mile to help raise money for dialysis patients through this year’s annual March o’ the Kidney event.

If you wish to sponsor our efforts, you can donate directly to the fundraiser by clicking here to sponsor myself or here to sponsor Kimberly.

On behalf of the dialysis patients and their families, we thank you for any help you can provide.