Making Your Disability Part of a Costume

One of the most challenging things for any disabled person to do is to dress up for Halloween or a costume party.  The problem?  How do I make my costume look realistic around my disability that sticks out like a sore thumb?

Google to the rescues!

If you google the term “creates Halloween costumes for disabled” you can find thousands of results including hundreds of photos of Halloween costumes for the disabled on Pinterest and links to people who will custom make a costume to meet your specific needs.

But I am cheap, what I did to create a costume on my own.

Spring 2016:  I was to attend an appreciation dinner for volunteers at Freeman Hospital.  The theme for this party was the Kentucky Derby and everyone was encouraged to embrace the theme.  I decided to make the front of my scooter look like a derby horse by fitting a horse’s head for a party store over the controls.


 My costume?  I was a doctor who had a really bad HMO and performed surgery on himself.

For a Halloween costume, I wore surgical scrubs, sate with my mobility equipment and handed out candy to the kids.

Seriously, it does help if you have a sense of humor about your disability!