Let it go

“Let It Go” the three words that can cause normally sane people to pull out their hair and throw heavy objects at the radio, is the best thing you can do at times in your life.

The latest origin of Let It Go

We have all heard the hit song from the hit movie Frozen, “Let It Go”.

It was played so much that most of us would scream if we hear that song one more time.  If you are one of those people, do not hit the play button on the YouTube video but do keep reading.

When we should consider letting go

There are at least five emotions in life that if we experience, we should give serious consideration to letting go of whatever caused the emotions:.

  • Resentment!  Resentment often is the result of feeling we were owed or entitled to something that we did not get.  We resent either not getting what we want, or the person who did get what we felt should have been ours.   Be careful, resentment could develop into any of the following.
  • Grudges.  I can not tell you how a grudge begins, but once they exist, they can become as permeant as ink from a sharpie is on the screen of an iPad
  • Disappointment.  Singer Lynn Anderson sung “I never promised you a rose garden” and she is right.  None of us was were promised a rose garden.  Our parents tried to prepare us for this by saying “life is not fair”.  Every one of us will have our fair share of disappointments.     
  • Hatred.  I have heard a long time ago that a young child once said, “hate is a very big word”.  That unknown child is spot on.  Hatred can consume us and rob us of joy.
  • Anger.  I have said it before and I am going to say it again.  Anger is only a weapon to one’s opponent.  When you are angry at someone of something you are giving control of your emotions, moods, happiness and more to what or whoever is angering you.

There are three events in your life that can cause any of the above emotions and more that you should consider cutting your losses by letting go.

  • Friendships.  We all hope that a new friend will be a friend to the end.  The truth is that over time friendships evolve, and sadly, some friendships will peter out over time.  Sometimes friends grow in different directions, other times a friendship just drifts apart naturally.  You may be tempted to try to rekindle the friendship, you may even try, but it might just be best to let it go.
  • Relationships.  We all fall in love, but sometimes the object of our affection does not feel the same way for us that we do for him/her.   Other times couples that hope will last until “Death do us part” part many years before either person’s death.  If there is truly no hope for the relationship, then as painful as it might be, you must let it go.
  • Loss of a job.  Losing out on a job you applied for can be heart breaking.  Losing a job, you have had for years can be devastating.  The cold hard fact is that no one is ever 100% safe in the work force.  When you do loose a job, you got to let it go.

I know that regardless if it is a emotion, a scenario or a combination of both, it can be challenging if not difficult to just “let it go”.  Often it may be easier said than done.  But you must at least consider letting it go. 

The benefits of being able to let it go.

When you let it go you are doing the following:

  • Taking back control over your emotions and life.
  • Allowing yourself to heal from a wound
  • Allowing yourself to pursue other opportunities that may turn out to be better than what you have just given up.

At first, letting go can seem to be the hardest thing to do, but after you truly let go of something that is hurting you that you can not fix, your happiness may return to a higher level than you ever experienced in your life.