Keeping your eyes on your vision of the future.

Knowing where you want to be in five years can be difficult.  Keeping your eye on your goal and not getting off course can be even more challenging.  Fortunately, a vision board can help you stay laser focused on your goals and increases the chances of you achieving them.

What is a vision board?

According to the web site, A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

The different types of vision boards

You can make a vision board for your professional goals, your personal goals, your relationship goals, your family goals – or any goal or set of goals you may have.  You can create a vision board with any combination of the above goals – or even a mixture of all your goals.  After all, it is your vision board.

How to create a vision board

Your vison board should be a collection of photos of anything and everything that represents to you the goals you have set for Yourself.

If you want to own a 2018 Kia Soul Blue, don’t just place a photo of a new car on your vision board, do not place a photo of any Kia Soul on your vision board, find a photo of a 2018 blue Kia Soul to place on your board.  If you can not find a photo go to a car lot and take a photo of the blue 2018 Kia Soul you want to own for your vision board.

If your vision board includes a romantic goal of finding a soulmate, find a photo that best represents the type of person you want to meet and fall in love with.  (Search magazines and the Internet for the perfect photos – I do not recommend going out in public and taking photos of strangers for your vision board!)

Once you have collected all the photos that represent your goals, it is time to start building your actual vision board.

How to build your vision board

If you decide to go old school for your vison board, you will need a corkboard, a bulletin board, a poster board (with or without a frame) – anything that you can attach photos onto.

You should place in the center of your board the most important reason you want to achieve your goals.  Some people may place a photo of their family, their wife, kids, etc.  Regardless of what your reason is to succeed, that reason should be the center point of your vision board.

When you have all your photos laid out and attached to your vision board and framed (if you had chosen to use a frame), it is time to display your vision board.

Displaying your vision board

You want to place your vision board where you will see it the most.

Place your vision board in the room you spend the most time in or in a location where you will walk by and see it the most.  Your vision board may be placed in a hallway or a room of your home or you may want to place it in your office or on your desk.  It doesn’t matter where you place it, just place it somewhere that you will see it constantly.

I prefer to take my vision board into the digital age.  I have collected a series of digital photos and images, added captions to them, and set them up as a screensaver on both my computer and my laptop.  I also placed all my photos into a photo album on Google Photos and now they rotate on all my TV’s in our home via our Chromecast devices.  I am also working on finding a way to display my vision board on both my cell phone and tablet.  By doing this, I am keeping my vision board (and all my goals) in front of me always.

Why do vision boards work?

I believe that Vision boards work when we constantly see our goals, with our eyes, in front of us, it helps us become laser focused on what we want in life.

I also believe that when we constantly see something in front of us that we want, it re-enforces the desire within us to work hard to get that item.

Your vision board can constantly evolve

You are not the same person that you were ten year ago, five years ago and maybe not even a year ago.  Your values may have changed.  Your beliefs may have shifted and your goals may be different.   It is natural for us humans to grow, one would say evolve.  As you change throughout your lifetime, it is okay to make changes to you vision board.  You might even want to trash your old vision board and start all over.  That is fine – as long as you have a vision board, so your eyes will always lead you down the path you want to travel.