How to get people to believe in you

“I would have more confidence in myself and would be able to get ahead in this world if people would just believe in me.”  A lot of people have said those words – including myself.  I am here to tell you, that I have learned this the hard way, no one is going to believe in you until you start believing in yourself.

Self-confidence is the key to believing in yourself.

Where do (or should) we get self-confidence?  For most of us the building of our self-confidence begins very early in life from our family – in particular, our parents.

Our mothers and fathers praised us when we started to crawl, then again when we started to walk, talk and master using the toilet.  Our teachers, coaches and other adult role models also praised us when we accomplished tasks during our childhood and youth.

For most people we have had so much praise heaped on us that it is amazing that we are as humble as we are.

All this praise helps us develop self-confidence.  With a healthy does of self-confidence we are able to believe in ourselves.

What happens if we are we do not receive enough praise?  What happens when we are torn down instead of built up by those who helped raise us?  What happens when either scenario results in low self-confidence (if there is any self-confidence at all)?

We either can’t or don’t believe in ourselves.  If we cannot believe in yourselves no one else will.  We must fix it,

How does anyone believe in him/herself?

For anyone who suffers from the effects of low self-confidence, low self-esteem and/or the inability to believe in themselves, this is the toughest question they faced.  I know.  I have been there.

I spent literally years trying to find the answer to that question.  If you were to ask someone who had never struggled with believing in themselves how they do it, they probably couldn’t tell you if they even understood what you were going through.

How to begin building yourself up.

If you are struggling with believing in yourself, I am going to save you years of searching for the answer to the question “how do you start believing in yourself” by telling you the secret: self-talk, self-praise and positive thinking.


This might sound a bit corny but think Stuart Smalley.  Smalley is a fictional character, played by Al franken, on Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s.  Although some of the daily affirmations sounded strange to say to oneself, if you start each day off by telling yourself “I am good enough” I believe it may be a good first step in believing in yourself.


This step is somewhat simple.  When you accomplish anything:  Getting up on time, eating a well-balanced meal, balancing your checkbook, anything – give yourself a hi-five and praise yourself for the good job.  If you didn’t get enough praise while you were growing up, you can fix that by giving it to yourself now!

Positive Thinking

Regardless of where you are in life, if you do not believe in yourself or have enough confidence within you for two people, positive thinking will do wonders for you.

When you think positively all the time you no longer see obstacles.  Instead those obstacles become challenges – challenges that you want to take on because you believe in your ability to achieve!

Back to the question: How to get people to believe in you

The answer is simple, when you believe in yourself others will believe in you.

You do not need to go around bragging about how you believe in your abilities to everyone you meet.  When you believe in yourself, you will start to speak with confidence and you will radiate a glow of confidence that others will sense resulting in others believing in you.  When others believe in you, it will help your belief in yourself grow and before you know it, your life can be better, and you may be able to accomplish things you never thought you could have done years