How to find your motivation to succeed

You have set a goal for yourself.  You have created a well thought out plan.  You even have an attitude of great confidence that you will achieve your goal, but there is just one problem – you can’t seem to get started and that is because you need to be motivated.

If you came to me for motivation because I am an inspirational and motivational author, writer, blogger, speaker and podcaster. let me stop you here and tell you some harsh reality.  Everyone who says they are a motivational coach is a fraud and that includes me.

I can only share with you experiences and life lessons from my own life and the lives of others along with guiding you towards resources that are available, in hopes of inspiring, motivating and assisting you to overcome obstacles and succeed just like so many have done before you.

Any motivational speaker or life coach, including myself, cannot motivate you because of this little secret – only YOU can genuinely motivate yourself to accomplish the goals you have set and succeed in life!

I say that because only you know what style of motivation will work for you.

All forms of motivation are either intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation exists when you are being motivated by internal desires. 

Example: when I was in the rehabilitation hospital after surviving an ischemic stroke to my spinal cord, I wanted to gain as much strength and learn as many techniques as possible so I could return home and regain my independence.  In this scenario I was motivated from within by my desire to be independent.  

Extrinsic motivation exists when you are being motivated by external desires.

While I was in the rehabilitation hospital, I wanted to gain as much strength and learn as many techniques as possible.  All so I could marry my fiancée and give her the happily ever after every bride to be dreams of having for their lives.  In this scenario I was motivated from external source of my fiancée and my desire to fulfill her dreams.

Fact: while I was in the rehabilitation hospital, both Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation provided me with the motivation I needed to work hard every day in therapy.

While intrinsic motivation works for some people and in some circumstances, other people and other circumstances are better served by extrinsic motivation.  For me, the right mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation works best to get me motivated.

Regardless if intrinsic or extrinsic motivation is the source for motivation, there are many types of what I call sub-types of motivation, or forms of motivation that are fueled by intrinsic or extrinsic motivation.

Reward-Based or Incentive Motivation

Reward-based or incentive motivation is a type of motivation that offers you either an incentive or reward that you can receive when you accomplish a goal.  Although that reward can be set by you, often, someone else sets the incentive or reward for you.

At many jobs there are incentives announced to encourage employees to make sales quotes or help the department/company reach goals.

Many of our parents used reward-based or incentive motivation to get us motivated.  “Clean your room and you can go to the park and play” or “Get good grades and we will give you $20!”

You are using reward-based or incentive motivation on yourself when you promise yourself your favorite meal if you balance your checkbook.

Fear-Based Motivation

Fear-based motivation can have two definitions:

The first is that because you have shared your goal with another person (for accountability purposes) you fear disappointing them and/or letting them down.  This can motivate you to work hard to achieve your goal.

The second definition is that if you fail to reach your goal there may be dire consequences for you and others.  For example, if you do not meet your quotas at work, you could lose your job.  Personally, I do not think this kind of fear-based motivation is beneficial.  I believe this use of fear-based motivation can cause serious stress and possible health issues.

There are many others including Achievement-Based Motivation. Power-Based Motivation and Attitude Motivation – just to name a few,

It is up you to find the right form or mixture of motivation that will help you achieve your goals in every possible situation.