How to find your can-do spirit

When you face a challenge in your life that seems overwhelming, you need to dig deep and find your can-do spirit.

In your life you are going to face many challenges.  Some that were placed before you by others while some were of your own doing.  Some may be obstacles that stand between you and your goals while others are the goals you have set that force you to step outside of your comfort zone.

When these challenges and obstacles appear in your life, you may feel overwhelmed and start to believe that overcoming them is impossible.  When you start feeling that overwhelmed, it is time to dig deep down and find your can-do spirit.

What is the can-do spirit?

The can-do spirit is the attitude and belief that whatever is standing before you to overcome or accomplish, you can overcome it and succeed – despite how daunting the task may appear to you.

Where is your can-do spirit?

Your can-do spirit is not found in an actual can.  Your can-do spirit is found deep inside of you and you have the only key to it.

How to open your can-do spirit.

When the obstacles seem tall, the task seems daunting and/or the odds are against you, it is time to look inside of yourself.  Within you is everything you need for the can-do spirit that will help you succeed.

First, you must rid yourself of negative thoughts. 

Negative thoughts can come from other sources such as friends, colleagues, family members, etc.  Often these people are either ignorant of your ability to succeed or are jealous you can do something that they can not do.  They may have failed when they tried to do what you are trying to do and they do not want to see you succeed where they failed.

Let’s be honest.  You do not need negative people in your life and you certainly do not need their negative thoughts in your mind.  If at all possible, distance yourself from the negative people.  Start to fill your mind with positive thoughts.  Read inspirational quotes and stories, motivational musings or anything positive that give you confidence in your abilities.

Negative thoughts can also come from within yourself.  You can quickly convince yourself that you do not have the talents, skills, education, knowledge, tools, resources or experience to overcome an obstacle or achieve that goal that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Those thoughts that are floating around in your mind are wrong and you can prove it to yourself. 

Think back to a time when you faced an obstacle or set a goal that seemed larger than you were at that time.  Did you overcome that obstacle or achieved that goal?  If so, then you have proof that you have what it takes to overcome the current obstacle or achieve your latest goal in your life.

You may have to think hard to find something.  If your past is full of failures because you have given up on yourself, it is time to reset your mind set.  You are not a complete failure in life.  Think of all the things you can do in life. 

When your mind is full of positive thoughts about your abilities, inspiration to help you get going and motivation to help you stay motivated during the hard times, then you have your can-do spirit fully operational.  If you remain in control of your can-do spirit and not give anyone else control over it, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you set in your life.