How to build a circle of influencers (part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of How to build a circle of influencers, I shared my list of 11 traits of your circle of influencers should possess that can push you towards your own success.  This week I conclude this article by sharing with you the 11 types of people you do not need in your circle of influencers.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to #DefineYourself and overcoming challenges obstacles, adversities, limitations and setbacks in your life to become successful, one of the last things you need in your life are toxic people.

Toxic people hold you back from the success you dream of and deserve.  They slow you down as you work towards your goals if not completely block you from accomplishing them.

Toxic people hurt your journey to success with a reign of negativity that you do not need in your life.  Over time, you may start exhibiting the same bad behaviors of toxic people and that will get you nowhere fast.

Toxic people may be hard to spot – unless you know how to spot them. 

11 characteristics of toxic people:

  • Inconsiderate people – people who are self-centered, think of only themselves and will only do something that will benefit them and not others are the kind of people who you should never emulate.
  • Disrespectful people – people who disrespect others often do not go far in life.  Avoid these people so you do not sabotage your success.
  • Abusive people – people who are verbally or physically abusive towards others will bring you down and may someday become abusive towards you.  (note: if you or someone else is in danger in being physically hurt by a abuser, you should report it to the proper authorities.)
  • Talk bad about others – Talking bad about others never made anyone successful (except politicians) nor does it make anyone bigger or better than others.  People who talk badly about others around you will soon be talking badly about you around other people.  If you enable them  
  • Unethical people – people without a code of ethics will try anything to succeed in life regardless if it the right way to do things or not.  Sometimes, in the short run they will find success.  Sadly, that type of success is not fulfilling and does not last for the long term. 
  • Quick to assign blame – when something goes wrong a toxic person is quick to point his or her fingers towards someone or something to blame, instead of finding a solution to the problem.
  • Users – a toxic person will use people for their own personal and professional gain, and often take credit for the work done by others.
  • Cheaters – toxic people will look for and find shortcuts to success, and when that does not work, they will cheat to succeed.
  • Liars – along with using people and cheating to succeed, toxic people will lie whenever necessary to always come out on top.  Often they lie so much that lying becomes a way of life for toxic people.
  • Law breakers – Anyone who is willing to break the law is on a fast course to big problems.  These toxic people, when caught, will do and say anything to avoid the consequences of their actions – including dragging you into the mess.
  • The political game players – it has been my experience that toxic people are more likely to play politics – especially in the workplace to advance themselves to success.  Be very careful of the toxic person, as if you cross them, they will burn you.

The best way to ensure you do not develop bad habits that can stand between you, your goals and your success is to avoid toxic people.  I know it can be hard, especially if a toxic person is a family member, a co-worker or an employer.  If that is the case, then just be aware that they are toxic for your future.  Do not emulate their behaviors than can delay or derail your journey to success.

Notice I did not say you should eliminate them from your life, simply do not allow them set an example for you, instead do your best to set an example that will enable them to become the successful people they were meant to be.