How to build a circle of influencers (part 1 of 2)

As I stated in step 4 in 10 Steps to #DefineYourself (FREE for subscribers to the #DefineYourself blast) that you should create a supportive environment for yourself.  The most important part of your supportive environment is your circle of friends who will be your influencers as you strive to #DefineYourself and succeed.

Why are your circle of friends, peers, co-workers, etc considered to be your circle of influencers?  Because we are wired to imitate what we hear and see from others.

When we were toddlers, we learned how to speak and behave from our parents, siblings, cousins, babysitters, nannies and other children. 

Throughout grade school and high school, we may not have realized it, but we were imitating what our friends said and did.  I recall if I hung out with friends who cussed a lot, I started cussing a lot. 

Even as adults we not only emulate what our circle of friends do and say, we chose to associate with those with similar thoughts, opinions, political and religious beliefs as to our own.

As you continue to grow and now strive to succeed in life, you must be very mindful of the people you allow into your “inner circle” of influencers.  If you want to #DefineYourself and succeed, you need your inner circle to be full of the right influencers in your life.

11 traits your circle of influencers should possess that can push you towards your own success

  • Positive outlook on life – to succeed in life you need a positive attitude.  People who see the glass as half=full instead of half-empty will radiate positive vibes that will help you remain positive during even the darkest of times.
  • Kind and respectful to others – Kind people in your circle of influencers help mold you to be a person of empathy towards others, decreases your tendency to criticize others and strengthens your ability to be respectful towards others who have different views and opinions compared to yours.
  • Responsible – people in your circle who are responsible will help you become more responsible in the words you choose, the actions you take, and the promises you make to others.
  • Take ownership of their mistakes – owning up to a mistake is sometimes the hardest thing for some people to do.  When you have people in your circle of influencers who always take ownership of their mistakes just as much as they take ownership of their success, you will soon do the same – and by doing so you will gain the respect of others.
  • Take only credit they deserve – Nobody became a success for taking credit for something that did not deserve or taking more credit than they deserve.  Be sure to have in your circle of influencers people who only take their share of credit.  Their actions will rub off on you and help you keep your ego in check when you achieve success in life.
  • Encouragers – as you work towards achieving your goals in life, you will need good people who lift you up and encourage you during the tough times.  The lessons of encouragement you will learn from your encouragers will help you encourage others later in life.
  • Goal oriented – Setting goals is something nearly every successful person not only does but is good at doing.  Having people in your circle who are goal setters will help influence you to set the proper goals for your own success.
  • Go-getters – No one ever became a success by sitting and waiting for it to happen and most people who are not successful yet know how to properly achieve success.  A few go-getters in your life can help you break through and succeed.
  • Qualities and traits you want to develop in yourself – the best way to achieve your goals is to surround yourself with influencers who possess the qualities and traits you want to grow within yourself.

When your circle of influencers have more people who posses the above traits, you have successfully created your supportive environment and well on your way to overcome any challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation or setback – regardless of it is a disability or not – and achieve your goals in life.

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