Don’t forget to recharge your batteries

Life can be difficult.  It takes a lot of effort and hard work to set goals and make the necessary plans to succeed in life.  Then of course there are irritants that come along the way.  Battles with your satellite company, the kids and those dreaded unexpected expenses.  All of this can lead to burnout – unless you recharge your batteries on a regular basis.

The keyword is “Downtime”

Have you ever noticed how automobiles, appliances and technology seems to work better or run faster after you shut them off for a while and start them up later? 

Many of us leave our cell phones on with multiple apps running 24/7 for days – if not weeks in a row.  Over time the phone may start to run slow, have trouble connecting to your wi-fi, making or receiving phone calls, and crashing at the most inconvenient moment. 

The question most tech support agents will tell you when you call into your cell phone provider is either “have your turned off your phone lately?” or “When was the last time you power cycled your phone?” 

Just as a power cycle will reset your phone and increase its productivity, you must power cycle yourself so you will able to perform at your best as you work towards your goals and the success you desire in life.

A good night sleep is a start…

Depending on your age and who you ask “how much sleep should I get each night”, you may get answers that range from 5 to 8 hours – if not more.

Although the answers may vary, experts agree that sleep is very important to our physical, emotional and mental health. 

There is more to recharging your batteries that sleep at night (and naps during the day)

As I try to build up this business, I strive to either work or be learning more about my craft/marketing/etc. from about 7 until 9 or 10 in the evening.  Basically, from the moment I awake until about an hour before bed I am wanting to work.

But as the ole saying goes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Every Friday evening, I put down the books, close my tablet and leave my cellphone in the bedroom and vege out watching TV.  I might watch a baseball game, an 80’s movie or a good TV show from back in the day, when TV was worth watching – and I try my best not to think about work.

The weekends I try to get about 6 to 8 hours of reading a book in that I will review for this web site and Goodreads.  But I do prioritize time with my wife and downtime.

But wait!  We need more downtime that just the few hours we can snag each week!

It is important to also step away from your everyday life, get out of the house, and relax. 

I like to travel with my wife.  I like to go out of town and stay at a Hilton Hotel and see the sights like a tourist or live in the hotel as if we lived in that community.  I find it mentally refreshing and a good escape from work and any problems that exist at home.

When we don’t have the time for a week vacation, I plan a few little “getaway weekends” for myself and my wife.  Fortunately, there are weekends I must travel to promote my books or my business.  Sure, I am focused in on my work until the event is over.  But I always try to make it a fun trip and find some relaxation away from home after the book signing or speaking engagement.

When either is not an option a night dining out can be a quick way to recharge your batteries.

When you have more vacation than you have money in your bank account, a staycation could do the trick.

Downtime is so important that you must protect it as you would you’re the most valuable asset you own.

I always feel recharged and re-energized after my downtime, regardless of whatever way I chose to create it. 

I always return to my work routine with a new sense of hope, energy and drive to succeed.

I also treat downtime as sacred time.  Just as many may treat their quiet time with the Lord each day.  I do not let anything – especially work – disturb the tranquility of my downtime.