Don’t do a half ass job

If there is one thing I learned in life, it does not matter what your goal is, how awesome your plan is to achieve that goal, or even how positive your attitude that you will succeed. – the most important ingredient for success is your level of commitment to reaching your goal and finding success.

When I was in college and studying radio broadcasting, I was part of a morning show at the college radio station.  The hosts were Jim and Dan and one snowy morning, they were discussing the poorly plowed roads they traveled to get to the radio station that morning.  One of them said that the snowplow crew did a “H A” (half-ass) job of plowing the roads.

That moment took place more than thirty years ago.  During that time I have often found myself using the phrase “H A” or “Half ass” to describe many things I observed.  At first it was a punchline for jokes, but as I grew older and wiser, it became a commentary on life as it was used to accurately describe how some people “take care of their business.”

Over the years I have both noticed that people who do a half-ass job at anything never get far in life.

I have witnessed people at work who do a half-ass job are never put in charge of a project, are passed up for promotion time and time again, and are often the first to be let go when either new management comes in, there is a company restructuring or downsizing occurs.

I call these people members of the “half ass labor force” 

Half ass laborers are easy to spot.  They are the clerks at your local discount store whom you ask, “Where can I find fitting rooms?” and they reply, “over there somewhere”.  They are the waitresses at the restaurant who bring you scrambled egg when you ordered a hardboiled egg and quips “it’s an egg, what are you complaining about?”  They are the customer service rep who says the first thing that comes to their mind in hopes it will fix your problem or at least get you to hang up, and if that does not work, they quickly transfer you to someone else so they do not have to do any work.

Half ass laborers are the ones that do not go the extra mile, in fact they often do not even go the first mile to complete any project.  They are the neighbor who in the spring says “this year I am going to plant a garden” or “this is the year I am going to get serious about taking care of my yard” and before mother’s day their garden and yards are overtaken by weeds and dead grass.

Half ass laborers, to cover up their shortcomings, will often try to convince you that they are hard workers.  They say things like “I am the hardest working person at my job.”  Let me tell you, it has been my experience that the hardest working person at any job is the one who does not need to tell anyone that he or she is the hardest working person there, because it is obvious to everyone.

Unfortunately, half-ass laborers feel they are entitled to the same rewards that others who have worked hard have earned.  They have what I call Steve Martin’s Bilko philosophy – “All I ever wanted is an honest week’s pay for an honest day’s work.”

If you have only given a half-assed effort at anything you do, including a goal you have set for your personal or professional life, expect half-assed results such as coming up short or completely failing to reach your goal.