#DefineYourself is an affirmation, a battle cry, a promise, a commitment to yourself that YOU are not going to allow any problem or circumstance (past or present) to stand between you, your goals and the success YOU deserve.

If you are reading this, I am confident that you are experiencing or have experienced an “it” in your life.  An “it” is a setback, challenge, obstacle, adversity and/or limitation in your life.

When an it stands between you and your goals, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can choose to allow your it to define you.
  2. You can choose to look at your it and say, “it doesn’t define me”!

People who choose to allow their its to define who they are, often use their its to justify why they fall short, never achieve their goals and settle for less in their lifetime.

But I know that you are not one of those people (because you are visiting my website and reading this page).  YOU are a person who, when faced with an it, says “it doesn’t define me”!  YOU are the type of person who wants to excel, achieve and exceed your goals despite any it in your life!

How do you achieve despite an it?

Simple – you #DefineYourself!

Not sure how to #DefineYourself?  Try these resources

  • Subscribe to the #DefineYourself blast – Start your week off right with a blast of inspiration and motivation in your email!
  • 10 Steps to #DefineYourself/ - Get my free eBook with the ten steps that I have successfully used to bounce back from setbacks, overcome challenges, obstacles and adversities to succeed!
  • Inspiration and motivational quotes – Surround yourself and fill your mind with quotes that inspire and motivate you through the day
  • Create your vision board – The best way to #DefineYoruself is by setting goals, and the best ways to achieve your goals is to keep them in front of you. The best way to do that is to build a vision board!

What are you waiting for? Proclaim on your favorite social media site that you are going to #DefineYourself despite <inset your “it” here>