Cancer Fight by Michael Coccari took me into a world that I knew very little about. 

Cancer Fight: My Wife's Faithful, Fearless Battle Against Breast Cancer by Michael Coccari took me into a world that I knew very little about. 

I have had several friends who have battled breast cancer.  Fortunately, none of the had to face sage 4 cancer and all are living today.  I had a basic understanding of cancer and knew how serious of a diagnosis it was.  I have seen movies and TV shows that contained storylines about breast cancer, but not a single one of those movies or TV shows really adequately portrayed what it is to be battling for your life against stage 4 breast cancer.

The book is very well written and it reads as if Coccari beautify chronicles his wife’s battle against stage 4 cancer from the moment of first detection through her entire 7-year battle against a disease that is a relentless enemy.

I was able to see, through Michalis words, what stage 4 breast cancer really is like to battle – not the Hollywood version.

Michael’s love for his wife was quite apparent to me.

It brought me to tears while challenging me to become a better husband towards my wife.

If you know someone is either battling breast cancer, or someone who is a caretaker for a loved one battling BC, this book will give you an all access look into what the battle is like – both their the one battling, their caregivers and their loved ones

I gave this 4 stars as Michael is an English teacher. Although his writing is superior, often I found myself using a dictionary to understand the words he choose.