Be sure to invest in yourself

When I say “invest” the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is money.  We invest into 401K’s, CD’s, stocks, etc.  If you own a business then you know you must invest money, time and resources into it in hopes of making it a success.  Sadly, most people do not invest into their most important asset – themselves.

We all do a little investing in ourselves, primarily in the area of either our jobs or careers.  We acquire the education needed to gain employment that can support ourselves and our families, and many of us will continue to invest in ourselves by participating in professional development and business networking to further ourselves in our careers.

Sadly, many people stop at the point instead of fully investing in themselves.

5 areas that need self-investment:

  • Spiritual – having a personal relationship with God (or whomever your faith worships) is vital.  A connection with your spiritual leader and following the teachings, philosophies, beliefs and customs of a faith, will help you be grounded in life and prepared to handle any challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation and/or setback life throws at you.
  • Health – Taking care of your health by avoiding bad habits such as smoking, illegal drugs, and excessive use of alcohol is a good start to investing in your health.  You also should be eating a healthy diet, exercising, taking care of any health issues you currently have by following  doctors orders including taking meds religiously, you should also be  seeing your doctor(s) on a regular basis, but also sharing with your doctor any health concerns you have and completing all the tests he or she orders.  By doing all these things you can not only prolong your life and minimize a health concern becoming an obstacle between you and success. You will be helping yourself have as many healthy and active years possible.
  • Mental Health – Although there is a stigma in the United States in regard to mental health issues, there is nothing to be ashamed of having a mental health problem.  You need to get on top of this by getting the professional help you may need.  This could help prevent or minimize a mental health issue becoming an obstacle that stands between you and success in your life.
  • Self-improvement – None of us is perfect.  I know that I am not, and I am sure you are not either.  We should always be evaluating how we interact with others, our values and our beliefs, and constantly improve in those areas and in any area of our lives that we are falling short in being at our best.
  • Personal relationships – Nobody that I knew has ever became successful in life all on their own.  Relationships, both personal and professional, can help you achieve both your personal and professional goals.  Neglecting personal relationships can hinder, if not prevent, you from succeeding at any goal in life.

If you spend the time in fully investing in yourself, you will reap the benefits every day as you work towards you goals and begin to find success in your life.