Are you all in?

A lot of people have dreams, set goals, make plans, even have attitudes of confidence that they will succeed – but if they are not “all in” their hopes, dreams and goals will never reach their full potential.

Although I do not play poker, I know that the term “all in” originated from poker.  It is my understanding that the phrase means that you are taking everything you have, betting it all, believing that the cards in your hand will be what it takes for you to successfully win the game.

The phrase “all in” is now part of the sports community, marketing campaigns for companies such as Applebee’s and it should be part of your plans for your life.

If you had a dream that you turned into a goal, if you have taken the time to carefully develop a plan to reach that goal and if your attitude is that you can achieve your goal (and if you are working the ten steps to #DefineYourself) then the next logical step is to go “all in” for that goal.

The biggest benefit for you when you tell yourself that you are “all in” for your goals is that you are saying, “I believe in my goals.  I believe I have a solid plan.  I believe I will succeed!” 

All those affirmations are going to only help you have the confidence that you will need during the rough times to keep pressing forward towards your goals.

Going all in can be risky

Of course, when you set a goal, especially one that is outside of your comfort zone, you are taking a risk.  Despite all your best efforts there is still a chance that you will have to go back to the drawing board and revamp your goal, your plan or both.

When you are “all in” the stakes and risks may be higher. 

You may be pouring everything you got into your goal, forsaking other areas of your life, and making sacrifices to accomplish your goal.

 I speak from personal experience on this point

For the past few years my goal has been to become an inspirational and motivational writer, speaker and podcaster.  I have written 2 books related towards my goal, I have posted over 100 blog posts to this site, but I was playing it safe out of fear of failure.

This summer, I heard about the Midwest Ability Expo.  I decided it was time to go “all in”.  I spent money to purchase items for the event: a retractable banner, additional business cards, ordered over 100 copies of my books to have to sell at the event, ordered nearly 25 baseball caps with my logo on it, display stands, bookmarks, whiteboard, an easel and a carrying case for the whiteboard, I even took the plunge and set up Square to accept credit cards at the event – and all future events.

It was scary.  I gave it a lot of thought and spent many hours in prayer before I started ordering items for the event.  But I knew if I was going to succeed at my goal, I needed to take this leap of faith.

As I finish writing this article, I have just returned home from the event.  Although it was not fruitful in the ways I had envisioned, it was successful in many ways I did not expect.

i am glad i went “all in” on this goal