Always look for the positive (and avoid focusing in on the negative)

When (not if) bad things happen in our lives, we often see only the bad, the loss, the devastation.  We need to look past the sadness to see the positive side to everything that happens in our lives.

When an event is small, it may be easy to quickly see the positive.

Last spring, we had a hailstorm that damaged the roof of our home.  The roof needed to be replaced due to the amount of damage.  When the roofers worked on our roof they had to remove the satellite dish that was attached to the roof and re-attach it after putting down the new roof.

When the workers were done we checked out TV’s and discovered that we had lost the ability to receive any channel in HD format.  We called the satellite company and the next day a tech came out to re align our satellite, so we could one again watch baseball in high definition.

When the satellite installer came down from the roof he told us that when the roofers replaced the satellite on top of our house it was not firmly attached.

If I had not lost the HD signal I would not have called the satellite company and if I had not done that, during the next strong wind or storm our satellite dish may have blown away.

A night without HD was hard on me, but that temporary loss prevented a bigger loss if we had completely lost our satellite dish.

When an event is not so small, it may be not so easy to see the positive (but the positives are still there).

I have lost several jobs in my life.  Some were because the company was downsizing but most were because I deserved to have been let go.

Each time I lost a job it meant a loss of income.  When you lose a source of income it can be a very dark time.  Sometimes that darkness will be there for a few days while other times those dark clouds tends to linger.  But each time that I had a job change, although I had lost a job I also gained an opportunity to find a beeter job, possibly with better pay or just the opportunity to pursue something new in my life that I had felt passionate about doing but hadn’t because of my previous job.

When an event is huge or life changing, it may take some time to find a positive, but trust me the positives will appear.

One of the biggest changes anyone must endure during their lifetime is a loss of a loved one.

I have sat beside my wife as I held her hand while she held her mother’s hand as the doctors and nurses removed my mother-in-law from life support and passed away before our eyes.

A little over a year ago, I watched my 75 year old father, who had been battling sepsis in his blood stream and dementia, pass away.

Both events were a sad time for me.  However, in time I saw that the positive that was hidden in the passing and the grieving.  The positive was that my loved ones were no longer in pain and in my father’s case, his mind was once again clear.

It may be hard or difficult during the dark times of your life, but always search for the positive and you will find it!