The Writer...

“In everything I write, I strive to inspire YOU to find the strengths, talents and the gifts that are within YOURSELF to achieve if not exceed your goals beyond YOUR wildest dreams!” - Chris Mitchell


Chris is a both a self-published author and a contributing author.

His most recent work, “it Doesn’t Define Me: How I Rebuilt My Life After Surviving a Ischemic Stroke to the Spinal Cord” is his inspiring memoir of how he fought to regain his life back and to show the world that there was more to him than his disability after surviving an ischemia stroke to his spinal cord during cardiac surgery.

Currently Chris is working on his next self-published book, a collection of Inspirational and Motivational quotes due to be released late summer 2019..

Freelance Writer

When Chris is not contributing articles of inspiration and reviews of books to the web site Live Beyond Limitations, Chris is submitting stories, essays and articles that are either full of inspiration or motivation to writing contests, literary journals, magazines – anything that may publish his work


You can always find Chris posting inspiring stories and motivating musings on his #DefineYourself Blog every Monday morning.

Chris is always on the lookout for opportunities to contribute to other blogs as a guest blogger.