IM Chris Mitchell... inspirational & motivational writer, speaker and podcaster.

My mission is to inspire and motivate YOU to believe that YOU can overcome any setback, challenge, obstacle, adversity or limitation to achieve success in YOUR personal and professional lives.

When I say that you have the ability to overcome any setback, challenge, adversity, obstacle and/or limitation to succeed, I speak from personal experience!

All my life I have faced challenges and I overcame them all!

I was born into this world with disabilities (some apparent at birth others became noticeable throughout life) caused by the rubella syndrome,  Despite any of these obstacles, I have found ways to turn my dreams into goals and achieve them.

  • Despite being legally blind since birth, I have driven a car and I have flown a plane
  • Despite being born with a severe speech impediment, I have fulfilled a childhood dream and have worked in morning radio
  • Despite surviving an ischemic stroke to my spinal cord that robbed me of my ability to run, walk or even stand, today I can get around using a rollator for short distances, and for longer distances I use a scooter.

I credit every accomplishment in my life to the gifts (my talents) given to me by God along with my philosophy that the only thing that can truly limit my success is me.

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Inspirational & Motivational writer, speaker and podcaster