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As a inspirational and motivational writer, speaker and procaster my mission is to inspire, motivate and empower YOU to believe that YOU can overcome any challenge, obstacle, adversity. limitation or setback to achieve success in YOUR personal and professional lives.

“Everyone has an in…and everyone can overcome their it and succeed!”
– Chris Mitchell

Regardless if your it is a physical, visual or mental disability, a medical diagnosis, an addiction, a life event such as a bankruptcy, dvorce, death of a loved one, victim of a crime or a criminal past, I am here to encourage and empower you to overcome your it and succeed!

When I say that YOU can overcome any it and find success in life, I speak from personal experience.

Despite being born with a constricted aorta that required several cardiac surgeries before I was 10 and cataracts that left me legally blind, growing up I have ran, climbed trees, rode my bike, played on a youth soccer team with my peers, drive my father’s 1980 Thunderbird and flown my Uncle Ben’s private plane.

Despite a severe speech impediment that placed min in speech therapy in my home before I started pre-school and lasted more than a decade, I fulfilled a childhood dream or working in radio as part of a morning show and co-host of a call-in talk show.

Despite behavior problems through my childhood and early adult years (diagnosed as ADJD) that got me expelled from public school in second grade and again in ninth grade, I earned the privilege to return to my high school my junior year, graduate with my class the following year and received the Rotary International Student Award for the most improved student from a local rotary club.

Despite searching for a job with a white cane in my hand, I convinced a business to hire me wen they were not hiring anyone. While working for the local ISP, I earned the Stanislaus County Mayoral Committee on the employment of the Disabled co-disabled employee of the year in 2000.

Despite surviving an ischemic stroke to the spinal cord that robbed me of my ability to run, walk, stand, dress myself, feed myself or even turn myself in my own bed, I have…

"The challenges that I have faced helped me become the strong and successful person I am today!" - Chris Mitchell

I credit every accomplishment in my life to the gifts (my talents) given to me by God along with my philosophy that the only thing that can truly limit my success is me.

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