9 obstacles that stand between you and success

We all want success in our lives.  I believe that you can be successful if you take your dreams, turn them into goals, make plans to achieve your goals and have a positive attitude everyday as you build the success you desire.

Regardless if the success you desire is in your personal life, professional life or both, there are a few obstacles that can stand between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

There are nine challenges that will derail you from success if you are not aware of them or know how to properly respond to them.

  • Negative thoughts and self-talk.  I believe that what we think is what will happen in our lives.  If our thoughts are “I can’t do this”, “this is too hard or impossible to do” or “Why did I ever set this goal, I am not good enough to do this” we are setting ourselves up for failure.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have talked myself out of doing something.  I am sure you have done the same.  Most people will talk themselves out of asking someone out or applying for a job because they do not believe they can do it.  You need to kick out all those negative thoughts and self-talk.  Replace thenm with positive thoughts.  If you struggle with positive thoughts, start by reading inspirational and motivational quotes.  Replace that negative self-talk with positive self-talk.  Start saying to yourself “I got this” and “If I dream it, I can achieve it!”
  • Low self-confidence and self-esteem.  Feeling inadequate or that you are not qualified for the job is often the result of low self-confidence and/or self-esteem.  If you suffer from either, there is not quick or easy cure.  Building self-confidence and self-esteem takes time.  A good way to start to combat these problems is to look at challenges you faced in the past that you successfully overcame.   Reminding yourself you have succeed before in life can help you feel confident in your ability to achieve your life goals.
  • Procrastination.  In my opinion the second biggest killer of our success, after negative thoughts and self-talk, is procrastination.  When I was younger, I thought I had all the time in the world to accomplish my goals in life.  We all felt that way when we are young, we think we will live forever but we don’t.  We only have a finite amount of time to do things.  If you procrastinate on your goals you will lose momentum.  In time any opportunity that could have helped advance you towards success will be gone.   To end procrastination, you need to set deadlines and stick to them.  Reward yourself as you meet each deadline, if needed, to keep your motivation going strong.
  • Not following through.  If you do not follow through on the little things in life; staying current on paying your bills, keeping your checkbook up to date, keeping promises to others, you have a higher risk of not following through on your own goals.  To combat the not following through roadblock, start holding yourself accountable for what you want to do.  if needed, find yourself an accountability partner who will hold you to your word.
  • Distractions.  I believe that the biggest cause of procrastination and not following through is distractions.  As you work towards your goal you will hit a slow point in the process.  That is when your mind starts to look for something new and more exciting to do.  Fighting distractions can be hard.  Fortunately, there are two thing you can do to overcome distraction.  The first is to identify the things that easily distract you and avoid them.  The second is to train yourself that when you set a goal to be laser focused in aching that goal.  Develop a mentality of “I am not going to quit until I have done what I set out to complete”. 
  • Quitting.  What does procrastination, not following through and distractions have in common?  They all are leading causes for quitting before achieving your goal.  It has been said that many people do not realize how close they were to success when they quit.  Avoid quitting by developing a never give up attitude.
  • Depression.  Not everyone battles depression but if you do, you know how debilitating it can be.  Short term depression may delay your goals by a few days as it goes away in time.  For those of us who battle the more serious forms of depression, we know the problem can be complete ruin our lives.  If you are battling depression as you work towards a goal, find some way to get out of the depressed mood.  If you cannot do it by yourself, you may need to seek professional help from your doctor or a mental health worker.
  • Not asking for help.  “pride goeth before the fall” (Proverbs 16:18) is spot on.  You want to be a success on your own.  You want to be a self-made man or woman and you want to do it all on your own.  I know, I have tried to achieve so much without the help of others, but in every case, I have failed or at the very least, fallen short of my fullest potential.  “It takes a village to make a true success”  You need to stop looking at asking for help as a weakness in your character and start looking at asking for help as a strength builder for you future.

Now that you know what these obstacles are. on the lookout for them and know how to overcome them, you have a better chance of successfully achieving all your goals and much more in life.