7 Ways to ensure a better future

It is often said “you can’t change the past”.  I like to follow that quip with “you can only hope to influence the future” and there are several things you can start doing today to give yourself the best possible future.

Start by setting goals

The first step to move towards the future you dream of is to set goals.

Remember, without goals you will just roam aimlessly, allowing the wind and others to move you.  These winds and people may move you to a destination you will not like.

Set realistic goals.

Now don’t get carried away setting goals.  We all want to dream big and there is nothing wrong with doing that.

Don’t set a goal of being a leading cardiac surgeon if the site of blood makes you faint.

Remember Casey Kasem always said “Keep your feet on the ground as you are reaching for the stars!”

Keep them realistic!

Create a plan to achieve your goals.

Even with goals set you can still move in circles, getting stuck in ruts and head down roads that lead nowhere unless you have created a good, solid plan on how you will reach your goals.

I have had to break a big goal into a series of smaller goals (think Baby Steps from Dave Ramsey or the movie “What About Bob?”),

There are advantages to breaking a big goal down into several smaller goals that lead to a big goal.  Instead of waiting a year to achieve your big goal (which some people may give up before the year is up), you can start celebrating the small successes earlier.

Remember Starship said in the song “it’s Not Over”, “You can’t build a dream without a plan”

Stay focused on your goals.

It is easy to get distracted or discourages in life and as you work towards your gaols either or both can happen to you.

Don’t allow it to happen!  Stay focused!  If that means you need to change your computer’s desktop or screensaver to an image that represents you goals and dreams, then do it!

Step outside your comfort zone

Neal Donald Walsch said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Although I agree with that quote, I made my own change that I live by “Success is always found just outside of your comfort zone”

I can tell you, from multiple personal experiences, it is true.  Whenever I stepped outside of my comfort zone I eventually found the success I was searching for.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn from mistakes (and don’t repeat them)

When I was younger, I made a lot of mistakes.  In fact, I made so many that I started to say “If we learn from our mistakes I should be the smartest man in the world”.

Well, I am not the smartest person in the world – far from it.  But I do know that when I do make a mistake, not only do I take ownership of the mistake, but if I learn from it and use that knowledge going forward in life, I will not only avoid making the same mistake twice but I will also be better equipped for similar situations that I encounter.

Dream big and pray bigger

NEVER limit your potential to bright future!  Dream big.  You may not always achieve your goals and dreams, but more often than not you will surprise yourself at how much you can achieve.

And if you are a person of faith, share you goals and dreams with God (or whomever is your higher power).  When you do, don’t limit what He can do for you, be bold and make your prayers big and God may bless you with giving you more than you ever epected.

Have the mindset that your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!