5 ways to improve your self-confidence

When you do not receive the praise and encouragement you need from family or peers, your self-confidence may suffer.  Fortunately, they are ways to build your self-confidence from within yourself.

Why is self-confidence important?

We all, at varying levels, crave praise, encouragement, recognition, a pat on the back multiple times throughout our lives.  When we do not receive praise during our teenage years or younger, some of us will fall into the wrong crowd – a crowd that may lead us down a path of self-destruction and unhappiness.

As adults, if we do not receive enough praise and encouragement, we may start doubting our abilities and struggle at being successful in life.

When your self-confidence tank is low, and you are not receiving the proper fuel from the world to fill it up, there are a few things you can do to top off your own tank.

Give yourself a pep talk.

The last thing you may want to do is to talk to yourself, however an occasional talk with yourself may help your self-confidence.

Remind yourself of your previous successes.  Remind yourself of some of your past challenges that seemed impossible and how you overcome than to achieve success.

Read inspirational materials.

Be sure that you are reading either inspirational or motivational books, magazines, blogs (like this one) on a regular basis.

Download and listen to uplifting podcasts.

There are dozens and dozens of uplifting podcasts that are filled with inspiration, motivation and stories of people just like you, who are achieving the level of success you may be striving for.  Get on the Internet, search them out and then download them.  Be sure not to just stop there.  Inspiring and uplifting podcasts will not help you unless you make and take the time to listen to them.

Listen to positive music

If you keep a happy tune running through your head throughout the day, you are more likely to see the good in the world = and in Yourself.  When you see the good in yourself, you are more likely to continue the path that will lead to success.

Avoid as much negativity as possible.

The most harmful thing you can do to your self-confidence is to allow negative thoughts into your mind.  You should do everything in your power to keep yourself as far away from negativity as possible.

When a negative thought enters your mind, quickly push it out with something positive about yourself.

When you hear negative talk, turn off the radio, mute the TV or walk away from the conversation.

If you want the highest level of self-confidence as possible, you must always be filling your mind with positive thoughts and sounds, inspirational stories and motivational advice, while keeping out as much negative as you can.  By doing these things you will be placing yourself on the right path not only to a high level of self-confidence, but a higher possibility for success in life.