4 Benefits of developing good habits

It has been said, that our habits will make us into who we become and if we want to be successful in our lives, we should develop good habits.  As with everything good in life, there are benefits to taking the time to develop the good habits that will lead us into success.

Good habits are the first steps you take to reach your goals

Regardless of what your goal in life is, the habits you have now will determine how long it will take for you to reach your goal – or even if you will ever each your goals.

Example:  If your goal is to lose 40 pounds, but your daily habit is eating a dozen doughnuts for breakfast every morning, it might take longer to reach your goal – if you don’t give up on your goal before you reach it.

Change any bad habits you have that could impede your path to your goal, to good habits now!

A good habit can keep you on track for your goals when you “tank of motivation” is running low.

It has been my experience that the goals that mean the most to me are not reached overnight.  The goals that I am most proud of accomplishing in my life took months, years sometimes a decade to achieve.

When you have long term goals, motivation will get you going, but after a while when you are seeing little progress towards your goals, the gage on your motivation tank will be near empty.

On the days you just don’t feel motivated to get out of bed, to eat healthy or to exercise, your good habit that you started when your motivation tank was full will get you through the rough patches and keep you moving towards your goals.

The foundation for your life is determined by your habits.

If you have bad habits, you will not go far in life.  If you have good habits, then those habits can help propel you further in life and closer to your realistic goals.

Over time your good habits will turn out to be the stepping stones you stood on to reach your goals.

As you approach your goals, you might look back and think that your hard work got you to the point of success.  But if you look deeper you will see that the backbone of all that hard work was the good habits you developed in the early days of your journey to success.