365 Best Inspirational Quotes by K.E. Kruse

365 Best Inspirational Quotes is referred to by the author to be a daily vitamin of inspiration for one year of your life and this book does certainly delivers on that expectation.

New York bestselling author K. E., (Kevin) Kruse has collected 365 excellent quotes that will help inspire the reader to become the
best person they can be.

Kruse’s website, https://www.kevinkruse.com/ describes Kruse as a author and speaker who helps individuals develop leadership skills.  Although probably 10% of this book contains quotes that speaks directly on leadership, the rest of the quotes can be applied for anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their personal or professional lives.

Although there were many quotes that I liked in this book, one that stuck out in my mind was:

The best angle to approach any problem is the try-angle - Unknown

Kruse included 2 bonuses in this book.  The first being exercises that helps the reader discover their true life’s purpose.
When I did this exercise, I discovered that I am not living out my
purpose to the fullest.

The second bonus is a link to a online video training Kruse offers for free entitled 6 things successful people do to get and stay
motivated.  Sadly, I was not able to view the videos but that can be because this book was published in 2014.

Despite the failing of the second bonus, it is still a good book and well worth the money.  I read it over a 1-week period (I couldn’t put it down) instead of over a years’ time.