3 endings that are beginnings in disguise

Normally when we end a chapter in our lives, we often become sad and sometimes depressed because we look at it as a door closing or that a part of our lives has passed away.  But we are looking at it all wrong.  We need to realize that an ending can be a new beginning of something better in disguise.

Cross country moves.

Moving can be a very sad experience.  You are leaving friends and a community that you have built strong relationships in.  Moving day, not to mention the weeks that are leading up to the move, can be full of tearful goodbyes and heart felt sadness.  Those feelings are natural and are a part of the moving process.  However, you should nto dwell on either.  Instead, if you look carefully the ending of living in one community is really the beginning of a new adventure.

After my first year of college, my parents decided to move from our home in St. Louis to Modesto, California.  The move meant leaving friends I had known since I was in elementary school and a community that I dearly loved.  The last few days in St. Louis were full of tearful goodbyes.

When I moved to California I discovered that the ending was really a beginning in disguise.

My new location allowed me to make new friends and the best part was, I started over anew.  There was no old baggage that people knew about my past.  I had a chance to write more than a new chapter in my life – I could write a whole new book!

Failed relationships

Regardless of if you lose someone you were in love with or a close friend, a relationship ending can be a very painful experience.  Sometimes these losses come from two people growing in different directions while other times at least one person does something that damages the relationship beyond repair.

It doesn’t matter how the relationship ends, no matter how badly we want the relationship to continue, we need to see the end for what it is – a beginning in disguise.

I have had many relationships (both romantic and platonic) come to an unexpected and/or undesired ending.  Sometimes it was because I had feelings for a girl who didn’t have feelings for me.  Sometimes it was because our friendship had grown as far as it could and we grew in different directions and over time we drifted apart.  Then there are those relationships that ended because I did something to sabotage the relationship or to drive the person away thinking I was a nut job (I hate to admit it, in my younger years that happened more often than I care to even think about).

Each time a relationship ended, I wasted time excessively grieving the loss of the friend instead of seeming the new beginning that was in disguise.

The new beginning that I didn’t see straight off was the opportunity for me to either find a new friend, promote a distant friend to close friend, or find a girl was was just as much into me as I was into her..

There is a kicker to this new beginning, I was able to take the mistakes I made in my last failed relationship and instead of holding onto them in bitterness, I can use them to make me a better person, a better friend, a better partner in a romantic relationship.

A change in career path

Although this could also apply to a simple job promotion, a change in career where you leave one job (possibly one line of work) to go into another can be a time of uncertainty and viewed as an ending.  But, remember it is a beginning in disguise.

When it was time for me to leave my volunteer position at Freeman in the ICU it was not only a difficult decision, but there was a lot of sadness.

I was saying goodbye to people who I had worked with for more than five years.  Many of them I consider friends and some who are even friends of mine on Facebook.

But from what I had learned from the university of hard knocks in previous ending (relocating across country and loss of relationships) it was easy for me to see that this ending was truly a new beginning in disguise.

When I had made my final decision to leave my volunteer position, I knew that the change in my schedule would allow me to not only grow this website Power 2b Awesome, , pursing more options for building my writing career, it also allowed me to focus in on getting involved with Toastmasters and beginning to launch my inspirational and motivational speaking career