11 motivators to fuel your drive towards your goals

It is time for you to find what motives you!

You have a goal and a plan to achieve it.  Unfortunately, the goal is either very challenging (which is good as it will make you grow as a person) or success may be months or years away. 

Your problem is that the energy you had when you first set the goal is waning, and you fear that if you do not do something now, you will give up on your goal and it will be tossed on top of the pile of all the other dreams you abandoned in your lifetime.

You are not a quitter so don’t quit on yourself!  You just need some fuel to keep you going towards your goal.  The fuel you are looking for is called motivation.

Just like there are different types of gas for your car and there are different types of foods for you for nourishment, there is a smorgasbord of motivation to help you stay energized about your goals.

Let’s look at some of the items at the motivation smorgasbord:

  • Love – The desire to be loved, the love you have your sweetheart, your spouse, your children for anyone can be a powerful motivator as you work towards a goal that can make you a better person or provide a better life for your loved ones.
  • Money – The desire to be financially stable or independent can be a great motivator if your goal is to get out of debt.  Be careful! The motivation of money for other goals may lead to greed and if not carefully checked, could possibly lead to gambling or other activities.
  • Spite – doing something that someone said you can not do can be great motivation but be careful – doing something just to spite someone, if unchecked, could cause you to become a bitter person. 
  • Competitiveness – a little completeness is a good thing because it can not only bring out the best in all who are competing, it can make each competitor a better person.  Be warned, don’t get so caught up in being competitive that you lose everything in the end. 
  • Deadlines – stop saying “someday I will…..” set a deadline.  Knowing that you must have something done by a certain date may be the best motivator for some people to push them towards achieving their goals.
  • A better future – Knowing that when you reach your goal your future will be better than it is today can be a very powerful motivator.
  • To better yourself – if your goal is more of a personal nature that will benefit yourself more than anyone else, such as a quitting smoking, drinking, drugs, addictions, etc. then knowing that you are working towards a better you could be the fuel you need to succeed!
  • To make a change in your life/the world – Even the smallest goal could change your life for the better or even change the world for the better.  If this motivates you to work hard towards your goal, then go for it!
  • To help others – knowing, or even just believing, that once you reach your goal you can help other people is one of the stronger motivators for anyone who is a giver.
  • To leave a legacy – for many, including myself, leaving a mark on the world that future generations will be reminded you were here can motivate you to do great things.
  • Your actual goal – and if all else fails, your actual goal could be the only motivator you need because you know how good it will feel when you succeed in life!

There are as many different (if not more) motivators out there as there are people on the planet.  Your job is to find the right motivation that will help you during times of despair, frustration, self-doubt and wanting to quit – to keep you moving toward your goal.