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"Everyone has and it...and everybody can overcome their it and succeed"
- Chris Mitchell

Regardless if your it is a physical, visual or mental disability, a medical diagnosis, an addiction, a life event such as a bankruptcy, divorce, death of a loved one, victim of a crime or a criminal past, today is the day you can start your journey to overcoming your it and finding the success in your life that you desire and deserve.

My latest book:

it Doesn't Define Me

it Doesn't Define Me:

How I Rebuilt My Life After Surviving an Ischemic Stroke to My Spinal Cord

Engaged to my dream girl, a stroke robbed me of my independence.  Fearing I would never return home, I began the fight to get my life back and show the world there was more to me than a disability.

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A #DefineYourself-er is someone who has overcame a challenge, a obstacle, an adversity, a limitation and/or a setback in their personal or professional lives by setting goals and achieving or exceeding them despite all odds

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