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Stories from my everyday life that illustrate the ups (and down() of living beyond my limitations.

Saying goodbye to friends at Freeman’s ICU

One spring morning in 2012, facing another long summer with little to do, I decided I needed to find something to do. For the past year or so, I had volunteered through the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters as a lunch buddy.  A lunch buddy is kind of like a friend or mentor to […]

In Memory: KC the cat (2007-2017)

On a hot Friday afternoon in July, my wife Kimberly and I were cleaning up our patio after cooking and eating BBQed chicken, when an orange and white kitten walked up onto our patio as he owned the place. He sat beside our patio door as if to say “I found my home.  Open that […]

Solar Eclipse 2017

Almost everyone knows that the last total solar eclipse in the United States occurred in February of 1979. That eclipse, at least a portion of it, was visible from my hometown of St. Louis Missouri.  I was a seventh grader when the moon passed between the Earth and the sun, and my school wouldn’t allow […]

It’s Been a Long Road….

Fifteen years ago today, my fiancée and I walked into a hospital in Northern California.  I was going to undergo an ascending to descending aortic bypass that faithful morning.  Little did I know, as I took those last steps outside before the sun had risen, that those would be the last steps I would ever […]

Housebound…and hating every minute of it.

Being physically disabled presents its own challenge and limitations.  Living in a small town or rural area has made me feel isolated from the community. Going from a large community to a small rural area The summer of 2006 my wife Kimberly and I packed up nearly everything we owned and moved from Modesto California […]

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