IM Chris Mitchell

Inspiring others to Live Beyond Limitaitons

IM Chris Mitchell


IM Chris Mitchell, Inspirational and Motivational author, writer, blogger, Speaker, and Podcaster.

When I say, “you can live beyond any limitation in your life” I speak from a lifetime of personal experience.

Despite being legally blind since birth, I have driven a car and have flown a plane.

Despite a speech impediment, I fulfilled a childhood dream of working in radio.

Despite surviving an ischemic stroke to the spinal cord during the summer of 2002 that took away my ability to run, walk or even stand, today I can stand and walk with the assistance of a rollator.

And that is just a few of the challenges I have faced in my lifetime.

In my books, my writing, on my blog, when I speak and on my podcasts, I share stories from my own life experiences and from the experiences of others, to inspire and motivate you to live beyond limitations.

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