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I’m Christopher Mitchell, an inspirational and motivational writer and speaker.

My story (in a nutshell)

I was born with a constricted aorta and cataracts on my eyes.  Both conditions were caused by the rubella syndrome.  The constricted aorta limited how fast I could run and kept me out of P. E. In school.  The cataracts rendered me legally blind.

As I grew into my pre-school years my parents realized that I had a severe speech impediment and before Kindergarten I began speech therapy that lasted over a decade..

As an adult, shortly after becoming engaged, I survived an ischemic stroke to my spinal cord.  The injury robbed me of the ability to run, walk or even stand.

Despite any of these advertises, I worked hard, I strived to do anything anyone else could do and I never gave up hope of achieving my dreams.

Although I have a constricted aorta, as a pre-teen I played soccer on a youth league.

Although I am legally blind I have driven a car and flown a private plane.

Although I had a severe speech impediment, I have fulfilled my childhood dream of working in radio.

Although I survived an ischemic stroke to my spinal card, today I not only stand but can walk using a rollator.

My passion is to use the experiences and the lessons I and others have learned from life to inspire and motivate others to overcome any adversity in their lives.

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