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IM Chris Mitchell


“IM Chris Mitchell.
Inspirational and motivational writer, speaker and podcaster. “


When I talk about overcoming adversity and living life beyond limitations, I speak from a life of experience:

  • Despite being born with a constricted aorta, which caused me to not be the fastest runner compared to my peers, I played on a youth soccer team.

  • Despite being born with cataracts, limiting my vision to 20/200 in my left eye, 20/300 in my right eye.  I have driven a car and flown a private plane.

  • Despite growing up with a severe speech impediment that forced me to have speech therapy in my home before kindergarten, I did fulfill a childhood dream and worked in college and commercial radio.

  • Despite having ADHD, that contributed to my expulsion in high school, I worked hard to earn the right to return to my high school and graduate with my classmates.

  • Despite battling depression for many years, today I am a generally happy and optimistic person, seeing what is right with me and not focusing on what is wrong with me.

  • Despite being verbally abused for decades that tore down my self-esteem and self-confidence, today I am a confident person eager to embraces challenges that I would not have considered years ago.

  • Despite surviving a ischemic stroke to the spinal cord in 2002 and losing the ability too stand and walk, today I am walking with a the assistance of a walker.

…and that is just to name a few examples!

My mission is to inspire you to overcome adversity, to live life to the fullest despite any limitations and to achieve your dreams.

If I can do it, so can you!

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